Scots Looking To Get Better Entering Abby’s Tourney 4th-Place Game Thursday

By Jeremy McDonald

MEDFORD, Ore.– McKay was faced with another slow start as they struggled to find their groove following a week or so off from competition as fouls and mental miscues played a factor into the ebb and flow of what they’re trying to do.

Its something that Dean Sanderson mentioned that they need to work on for the fourth-place game Thursday at South Medford High School following their 99-87 victory over Ashland.

“It wasn’t a really good effort and I know that the score kind of shows otherwise but I think we’re a good enough team now, where we were in the past where we kind of had to celebrate the win no matter what to where we celebrate good efforts and efforts that where mentality focused for at least the majority of the game.

“You know, I think we played hard.  But I think we were focused and we made the same mistakes over and over and over again.  And against teams in our league, if we do that, and we don’t adjust, we’re going to get beat.  That’s kind of the message is, ‘yeah we won and that’s great’ but at the end we have to be willing to make adjustments for our team and I don’t nesscarliy think we did that tonight.”

Outside of the third, three of the four quarters were tough for the McKay team as they were getting in their own way at times with miscues to allow the Grizzlies back into the game, espically in the fourth quarter where Ashland cut a 19-point deficit to single-digits with time running down.

“We can never let up for when we have a lead,” said Khyler Beach.  :We got to keep pushing, putting onto the lead  and never stop playing hard and always play hard.”

In this third quarter, where everything clicked, the boys dropped 33 points offensively and defensively, the Scots held Ashland to 15 points that changed a 42-41 McKay lead and turned it into a 75-56 lead entering the fourth quarter as both teams battled through their own miscues and the whistle being blown.

Beach pointed to them taking matters into their hands and had to make something happen with the Grizzlies breathing down their backs.

“It was important because the refs weren’t on any teams side, they were just calling everything,” said Beach. “So we had to, we didn’t have any help from them, so we had to do everything ourselves and to get the momentum to  get the lead that really helped us in that fourth quarter.”

Now that they’re going back to the fourth-place team to face Reynolds, who defeated Roseburg earlier today 68-52, the Scots know that they need to be on top of their game to compete well Thursday.

“The message is we have to win,” said Sanderson as the Reynolds-Roseburg game was going on.  “This is a good team, Roseburg we play later in the year anyway; and Reynolds is a good Portland area team who, could possibly be a playoff match-up down the road.  Soif we’re going to win playoff type games against good competition, then our effort has to be a lot better tomorrow.”

MCKAY SCORERS-  Daniels-20.  Castillo-20.  Garza-14.  Tovar-12.  Beach-9.  Hull-8.  Bangs-7.  Sampson-6.  Tavera-3.  Joel-2.

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