Gervais Boys and Girls Basketball Prepare For Cougar Classic

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  As they wrapped up their final practice before the start of their hosted ‘Cougar Classic’, everything is beginning to click for the Gervais Girls Basketball team as their offense is finally hitting their groove.

Andrea Villegas, who scored 17 points before sitting out the fourth quarter in their last game a few days ago in the Toledo Tournament, knows the excitement is there as she suits up for the Classic one last time Wednesday.

“It’s actually really exciting, it’s like a real bittersweet thing,” said Villegas as her Cougars are sitting 5-3 entering the tournament.  “But you’ve come a long way for the Classic.  Like my first year, I got the All-Star shirt.

“So, we’ve came a long way, lost a lot of players but I feel like we’re still working hard and we’re not trying to step down or going any lower than last year or the years before that.  We’re just trying to advance and I think we’re doing a really good job so far playing together and pulling through in our wins.”

The Cougar Guys Team in between sprints during Tuesday’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Fellow senior on the guys side, Derrick Jaramillo, has the same excitement and points out that during his three-years playing basketball in the Gervais Cougar uniform that they haven’t even won a game let lone a tourney championship.

It’s something he hopes will change this week.

“Well, every time I’ve played in the Cougar Classic we haven’t won the Classic, I don’t even think we’ve won  a game in the Cougar Classic,” said Jaramillo as the guys enter the tournament at 3-4. “And this is going to be my third year playing in it, so it’ll be nice to finally win it, finally win a game in it at least and go out on top for our preseason entering the regular season.”

As the guys walk out and were visited by former Cougar Kylor Kelley right before practice,  Kelley spoke to the team before taking to the court for their final practice before the tournament.

Both the guys and girls will open the tournament versus La Pine.  The guys face the Hawks at 3:30pm, the girls face La Pine at 2pm.


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