North’s fourth quarter firey streak not enough versus Eagle Point

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  North Salem would’ve loved to seen this effort, this fight, all four quarters as they did in the fourth quarter of Monday’s non-league game with Eagle Point.

Here’s what I mean.  After a slow start to the game, the Vikings found themselves down 59-32 with time to play in the fourth.

You saw something brewing because you saw the frustrations on the seniors faces like Alex Vasquez and Hunter Sullivan; both were trying to lead as seniors are suppose to.

“It’s really helpful when, not only myself but my other teammates are barking things out to other teams because, you hear from coach and it’s, ‘oh ok, it’s coach’,” starts Vasquez.  “But when you hear from a peer, from another teammate, it seems to sink in and it actually wants to make you want to do it.”

It paid off entering the fourth as something ‘clicked’.

All of a sudden, here comes North Salem and JD Drioji with two big three’s the Vikings found themselves down 66-56 with about a minute or so to play.  A swing of 24-7!

It shows the development of the program so far under first-year head coach Cameron McCormick.

Vasquez (0) led North Salem in points as well as a leader with 17 Monday Night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“We never stop,” said Vasquez. “When adversity comes we just want to prevail from it and work harder and comeback like we did.  But we just need to do it earlier and work that all four quarters, all 32 minutes of the game.”

Vasquez points out to just communicating and working hard in piecing it all together.  He knows him and his team are doing everything else the right, but they just need to work a little harder in the meantime to tie it all together.

“Just communicating and working hard like I said, that’s what it comes down to .  We’re making shots when we need to and we’re doing everything else we need to, just not working hard,” he said.

Down the stretch however, there wasn’t enough time to overcome the deficit, but it was something to build off of with the Viks traveling to Dallas Tuesday.

“So (it’s a) quick turnaround,” said McCormick.  “We get a chance to quickly write our wrong, but we’ll see.  We’ll be the road team so maybe that’ll fire us up a bit.”

NORTH SALEM SCORERS-  Vasquez-17.  Droji-9.  O’Connell-9.  Vasquez, B.-6.   Backer-4.  Romero-4.  Sullivan, Z-3.  Sullivan, H.-2.  Meade-2.

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