UPSET CITY: McKay Stuns West Salem 99-98. Scots 4-1

SALEM, Ore.–  Kids in foul trouble, Khyler Beach on a rail scoring in an intense game and Ryan Bangs scoring the game winner that sent Mckay into territory not known to the Scots since the 2013 season:

A three game winning streak and a 4-1 record.

There’s a sense of pride for the Scots as they prepare for Forest Grove Friday as they leave the Titans gym Tuesday night.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the team, when players got fouled out others stepped up and kept the intensity and gave 110%,” said Khyler Beach.  “I couldn’t ask for a better team or coaching staff.”

Beach scored a team-high 30 points in the win.

It came down to the wire as McKay took the 99-98 lead when Ryan Bangs laid it in for the lead as the Scots took to defense with 10 seconds to go.  Nerves and excitement was there, they were so close last year at West Salem as they lost in Overtime earlier this year, but they can change it here and now.

And they did.

As West Salem sends off one last jumper, it bounced off the rim as the Titans got the offensive rebound and threw up one last shot to steal sure victory from McKay.

No avail as time expired.

“It was intense especially the last 30 seconds everyone holding there breath, it was surreal and to be able to pull it off and to see how much everyone cared it is the greatest feeling in the world,” said Beach.

For Senior Josiah Castillo, he knows how important this win was for the McKay program, but he knows how important it is to stay within the moment and stay within themselves for Friday’s game.

“It means a lot you know it was a huge win for us and we look at this game as our statement game to let everyone in the league know that we can compete with them,” said  Castillo.  “And we can stay in the moment for now we can enjoy this win but we have to move on to our next big test on Friday night and we’re looking forward to it.”

Scots Head Coach Dean Sanderson is on the same wavelength as the win, this three-game winning streak, is great and all but they need to stay focus for the long haul ahead that starts with Forest Grove Friday night at home.

“(It’s) an unbelievable effort by our kids,” said Sanderson.  “We earned a win by our toughneess, we had four kids foul out, different kids having to step up at key moments.  I loved every minute of it.  We have so much room to get better defensively which makes it the much more exciting for me.

“Now the big question.  Can we come to practice tomorrow ready to move on and get ready to play a very good Forest Grove team on Friday?”

The Vikings are riding a four-game winning streak as they beat South Salem Tuesday 62-58 and Sanderson knows that good teams can remember the last game, but be focused for the next one.

“Good teams are able to have a ‘last game-next game’ mentality,” he said.  “Obviously a very important win for our program and our kids, but it means a lot less if we don’t come to practice and work just as hard to get ready for the next one.”

QUARTERS      1      2     3    4    –T

SCOTS              14   23   29  33   — 99

TITANS            23  21      15 39    —  98

MCKAY SCORERS-  Beach 30.  Castillo-17. Kovalinko-11.  Daniels-8.  Hull-7.  Bangs-6.  Sampson-5.  Tovar-5.  Beatty-4.  Tavera-3.  Garza-3

WEST SCORERS-  Greeley-32. Bailey-25.  Bulgin-12. Lind-8. Robertson-7.  Oliver-7.  Thompson-3.  Hutchins-2.  Splonskin-2




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