Lady Huskies Back On Track With Hosted Tourney Later This Week

By Jeremy McDonald

SCAPPOOSE, Ore.–  It’s been almost a week to the day since the Lady Huskies of North Marion had a chance to avenge their first loss of the season versus a tough Valley Catholic team last Tuesday on the road.

On top of that, North would have to wait a few days extra due to weather conditions that forced the postponement of Monday’s game to Monday, but it was worth it as the Huskies got back on the winning ways in a 43-23 victory over the Indians as they prepare for their first home game of the season later this week.

“It feels great,” smiled Lindy Wing.  “It feels good to play as a team and just get a victory to help us out.”

“I think it’s really good for us as a team because that game (versus Valley Catholic) we were, not scared going into it, but we were nervous going into it,” adds Kyia Brooks on last week’s game and Monday’s game.  “Now coming into these games and doing pretty well as a team, I think it makes our team better.”

Speaking of better, North Marion were efficient out of the gates, leading 17-1 after one and 24-3 by halftime as the Huskies worked different players into the game with a few different lineups as everyone got significant minutes in Monday’s contest with a tough tournament on the horizon Thursday.

Ally Umbehower (Black) scored 11 points in the contest as North held Scapposse to 3 first half points (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Brooks said that it adds a sense of confidence for those players coming off the bench when they play teams that will be coming to Aurora this weekend.

“I think that’s so nice, I feel like if we waited to waited to not play these players as much as they did play, they’ll be more timid,” said the senior.  “But now they’re getting in, they’re going to be ready and be ready and there’s so much talent to spread around.”

There are things that are being taken away from this game however that Head Coach Trevor Bodine points out that they can improve on between now and their next game.  Shots on offense and the defense being more relaxed in the second half of the game he said.

“We just got to put the work in, we know what to do,” said Bodine.  “Making mental mistakes, we’re not communicating  on defense, not talking.  And all those problems are solved with communication.  All we have to do is talk on defense and we can stop baseline drives, get our rotations down.

“The shooting will come, I mean everyone has bad shooting nights but, it seems like we’re missing a lot of easy ones that we should be making those…but it’ll happen, eventually the lid will come off the basket and those shots will start going in and score like we’re suppose to score.”

Mar Verastegui (5) passing the ball during Monday’s Win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


But, as they load up the buses to head home for the night, there’s excitement in the air of hosting the tournament on Thursday as they look to carry this momentum into those games.

“It does help because the  competition at our tournament is going to be, the standards are going to be set high,” said Wing.  “So we got to kick it in gear and definitely play our hearts out against a bunch of good teams that are going to be at the tournament, so hopefully we do good.”

Even Bodine showed some excitement about hosting a tournament, as long as the weather holds in everyone’s favor.

“Oh I can’t wait, I just hope it doesn’t get snow’d out,” said Bodine.  “That’ll be a problem.  But it’s going to be fun, a lot of teams are going to be there.  We got a lot of tough teams, it should be really good competition and hopefully we get to play.”

HUSKIE SCORERS-Umbenhower-11.  Verastegui-11.  Wing-9.  Kinniburgh-4.  Scanlan-2.  Brooks-2.  Dron-2.  Jimenez-1.  Bowman-1

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald





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