North JV Girls Explodes In 3rd To Go 3-0 With Win Over McKay

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  In an unique season that has the Lady Vikings playing solely Freshman and Junior Varsity, the JV of North are really showing something else as they defeated their first two opponents by double-digits to start the season.

Entering the Friday night game leading up to a fantastic Varsity guys game, the Scots seemed to find a way to crack Viks Head Coach Anna Marchbanks system by keeping up with the North Salem squad into the third quarter.

“I love it, I felt like we were doing a good job battling out and being good teammates,” described the Scots Cheyenne Allmond on how they battled in the first half.

McKay tied the game up early in the second half at 17, but that would be the closest they would get as North found a niche that the Scots struggled to slow as the Vikings saw the tie turn into a 34-21 lead over their Market Street Rival entering the fourth en route to the win to improve to 3-0 on the season.

Scots Justine Coburn (12) and North’s Shania Ninez (5) watching a Free Throw during Friday’s Game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“We went into the halftime talking about things we were messing up and we really wanted to beat them, there our rivals,” said North’s Emma Haburn.”We really wanted to get them really bad, so we all stepped it up and we had a little bonding right before the game and right after halftime to talk it through, just to get everyone’s spirits up and we went in and got them.”

For Marchbanks, a McKay Grad herself, knows that this game will always have a special place in her heart as she coaches from the other side now years after graduating as a Scot.

“It always feels good, McKay’s our rival, there always going to be our rival,” said Marchbanks. “It’s feels good, I went to that High School, I know the coaches personally.  We barely beat them by one last year, so come out this year and to have the girls play the best game all year, I couldn’t be any prouder of them of what they accomplished today.”

The Freshman Allmond knows that her squad can improve and learn from this and points to fundamentals, something she heard Marchbanks said they did during the summer.

“We can improve by everything, like our fundamentals” said Allmond.  “Like there coach said they were in the gym all summer long, most of our girls  were too but a lot of everybody were traveling around.  I think what coach is going to do is do fundamentals and start conditioning a lot more, just do the basic stuff.”

North’s Emma Haburn (1) advancing the ball with McKay’s Danica Cheremnov (14) defending her and North’s Janel Urbina (15) adjusting to the play in Friday’s Win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As both JVs fill the stands for the Varsity squad, Marchbanks knows that to continue to get better and carry this momentum is something she’s been preaching:  Be Hungry For This Game and Show that you want to, as she puts it, eat out here for what they want.

“The most important thing for us is coming out every single day and just practice and be ready to compete against each other, make each other better, challenge each other.  When we’re challenging to them, when we’re on the floor, we’re going go hard and want it.”

And to precede the Varsity game, to fuel their boys with that same intensity they had, it’s pretty cool as well as the boys line up for the National Anthem.

“It feels kind of cool and scary at the same time,” said Haburn.  “It’s kind of nice because all the student section comes and the supports in, so that’s really nice.”

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Photo Gallery (Pictures By Jeremy McDonald)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jayne Haburn says:

    Thank You for the article on North Salem Girls Basketball. This is an amazing team of friends and they show it in the way they play and respect for their coaches. They pray before every game and at halftime.

    1. Yeah, I remember watching the girls team last year and they’re playing more together this year than they were last year. A great group of kids that’s for sure, it should be interesting when this team goes Varsity next year when the Varsity team comes back!

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