McKay’s Weidman Finishes Third In Girls Bracket

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  Entering Saturday’s Perry Burelson Tournament at Cascade High School, none of the schools there knew if there was going to be a Girls Bracket or if the girls will be wrestling with the boys as before.

Luckily there was enough numbers there to create a Girls Bracket as McKay entered Freshman Norely Lara and senior Shakota Weidman.

As the tournament roared on around them, Lara and Weidman eventually met in the consolations bracket were live drilling at Scots practice became the real deal.

“I enjoyed it a lot wrestling Shakota because I don’t get time to practice with her and because I know she really wanted it and I was thinking, ‘ok this is different from practice, this actually real and it counts against me’,” started Lara.  “But at the same time I was having fun as well.”

Weidman won the match 7-5 and went on to pin her next opponent to finish third in the girls bracket.  Three wins for the senior who won only a handful as a junior last year.

“I think I performed pretty well, I actually won three matches and I’m pretty proud of myself,” said Weidman.

With the season ahead, Weidman knows that she can take this momentum and turn it into motivation to propel her into the rest of the season.

“I can use the techniques that I use, the one’s I really know, and use them in matches,” she said.

Lara (Green) pinned her first opponent to start her High School Career (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Lara, who performed pretty well her first time through the high school circuit despite the last minute change for the girl wrestlers.

“I did pretty good,” said Lara.  “And knowing I was the lightest one in the tournament I did pretty good fighting all the way, trying to get the techniques and when I wasn’t wrestling, I was hanging around and most of my teammates out there, they did pretty good.”

On the Varsity side, McKay had spilt up their varsity line up and had five up on the varsity floor Saturday with three competing in the 285 bracket.

Salvador ‘Chava’ Calmargo found himself going deep into the bracket, winning two of four matches as the typically 220 pounder wrestled the next class up, but the senior competed pretty well as he competed against some tough competition from 4A, 5A, and 6A.

“I did good, but I also could’ve done better,” said Calmargo. “Because I went 2-and-2, the two matches I underperformed and I lost, but when I won I think I did very great.”

Calmargo looking up, plotting his next move during one of his matches Saturday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Ivan Marquez-Velezue won a match in his three matches Saturday and Josue Moreno and Shane Tennis both battled and competed well in their two matches as well to go with two first-place finishers at the Junior Varsity level.

With some success Saturday, McKay know they can build from this as they prepare for their first league dual versus West Albany at home Thursday and then hosting the Herrin Holiday Classic Saturday.

“This is a good tournament to come into with because they are some really tough teams here, so we’re going to be able to go back to the drawing board here on Monday and it’s just get back to practice and see what we did wrong,” said Calmargo.

The League Opener will start at 6pm with JV and the Herrin Holiday Classic will start at 9am, both are at McKay High School.

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