The Battle Of The Two Levis

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.—The Tale of the Two Levis starts with both seniors and their respective squads starting their seasons.

For Levi Summers of Stayton, though they had five kids competing in the Varsity tournament, they were making it count as they found themselves in the top half of the Team Scores.

“As a team I think we’re doing pretty good,” said Summers. “I mean, we’re in the upper half of the team score with only five kids tournament.  It shows that we’re always working hard and always want to get better and battle throughout the matches, just to push through and get the win.”

On the other side, Levi Wing of North Marion saw his squad hovering comfortably in the Top 5, Top 10 throughout the day entering the second half of the Perry Burelson Tournament.

Wing points to this Tournament as a Pre-State like feel with all the teams there, Sweet Home and Cascade to name a few that they can compare themselves to, individually or as a team, with the season starting.

“This tournament is like pre-State for us,” said Wing.  “Everyone in the wrestling squad is here and  everyone who we’re going to run to in State is here.  So it’s a great judging point for us to see, if we come out here number one, we know we’re doing something right, if we come out here number 20, we have something to work for.

“This is a awesome tournament all around.”

Levi Summers (left) and Levi Wing (right) battled in the Perry Burelson Tournament (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

As fate would have it, the two Levis would meet in the Semi-Final round of the Winners Bracket.  Could this be a possible set-up for a rivalry with the league season and districts on their ways?


“I actually never got to wrestle him, we’ve always been at different weights or one of us got bumped out of a tournament and never got to wrestle,” said Wing.  “So it was exciting to wrestle, I’ve seen him wrestle and knew he was good and being able to wrestle him was awesome.  It was a tough match and it was a grind.”

Though the match ended in a 10-1 advantage of Wing, the lone point for Summers coming in the third round, Summer battled his fellow senior opponent; challenging Wing to earn his 10 points.

“I love how he challenged me,” said Wing. “He was really tough on bottom and that’s one of my strong suits is on top.  He’s tough on his feet, he’s a tough wrestler and it was a good match.”

For Summers, he knows that Wing is a great wrestler, but is ready to go if their paths cross again in the future.

“He’s a good wrestler, he just out wrestled me in that match, maybe if I see him again, I’ll be better.  I’ll think it’ll be a better match if I see him again,” said Summers.

Summers Finished third off a Pin at the 3:56 mark of the match while Wing won the 182 bracket that both participated in with a 1:38 pin.

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