Turning That Pain Into Fuel

By Jeremy McDonald


WOODBURN, Ore.–It was a tough way to start the season for the North Salem Boys Basketball team Friday night.  Dang near forgettable.

What the scoreboard hurt more ways than not, but while it hurts, it’s time to turn that pain and hurt into the fuel to get that bad taste out of their mouths for the next game and for the rest of the season.

And Vikings Head Coach Cameron McCormick is already planning on how to address the problems that showed themselves against Woodburn and how to fix them.

“I would say that they were a few things that stuck out that we need to work on immediately,” said Head Coach Cameron McCormick.  “So as a coach, I’m already thinking about plans on how we’re going to address those, and I’m ready to address those.

Hunter Sullivan (black jersey) looking on during Friday’s loss to Woodburn (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Half the battle will be making sure that the players have the enthusiasm to stick with it and trust what we’re trying to put in front of them and have fun.”

The thing that North Salem can take away from this game, that they can build from as a positive, was that they kept fighting and they kept supporting one another no matter who was on the court.

“We didn’t quit fighting,” said McCormick.  “We didn’t make a run to make a dent into the score but our effort was there for the guys on the court.  Along with that, the guys on the bench, at the end of the game we’re still cheering for the guys on the court.”

The Vikings will be off the next few days as they prepare for their home opener versus St. Helens Tuesday at 6:45pm.

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