Scanlan Scores 21 In Leading Effort, But Tillamook Spoils North Marions Season And Home Opener

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.—It wasn’t the home and season opener that the North Marion Boys Basketball hoped for Thursday night, but it did showed a few things that they can improve on for their next game versus Valley Catholic.

“It definitely shows what we need to work on in practice and we’ll be focusing on that next week,” said Grant Henry.  “And we’ll get better with that.”

Henry scored the first points of the season as him and identical twin brother Griffin scored the same six points apiece.

Turnovers and fouls slowed a promising start of the season for the Huskies as they were down one entering the first half as the young North Marion team tried to find their groove entering the second half of the game.

That’s when, one of the four seniors stepped up and tried to lead his team.

Enter Tanner Scanlan.

“To me it was pretty important,” said Scanlan.  “I mean being a senior on this team, I got to try to provide a spark where it doesn’t come from anywhere else.  I mean we’re a really talented team, really anyone could get hot, that’s one of the great things about the team it’s about who’s feeling the flow of the offense and who’s getting the best look.”

Scanlan (white shirt) set the pace for North Marion with 16 points as he led the young Huskies team in a comeback attempt (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

And Scanlan was the one who found his to try to provide that spark as he scored 11 of the team’s 21 third quarter points as they kept pace with the Cheesemakers entering the fourth quarter down six.

During the fourth, they battled as Scanlan continued to lead the troops as he scored five of his 21 points in the final frame.

“I’m actually really pleased with how we did,” said the senior.  “We’re a really young team, we got a lot of young guys who never seen Varsity basketball before and that’s one of the great things I’m really excited for about this team is that the talent is there, we have a lot of potential.

“And its just a matter of time, getting into the flow of the offense and getting used to the offense to see who can do what and where our offense can take it and who can get looks.”

One of those young guys who stepped up was Grant Henry, who hit a big three to try to keep the game within reach in the final minute down six, but they couldn’t overcome the deficit to win late.

And Henry points to what coach said after the game as the vocal point moving ahead.

“Like our coach said after the game, ‘If you are more tired than you are after a game than you are after practice, it shouldn’t be happening’,” said Grant Henry.  “And that means we just have to work harder at practice.”

“I’m really eager to get back to work,” said Scanlan.  “You know we have a lot of room for improvement and we just got to work on the little things.  Working on taking care of the ball, and getting good looks, not trying to rush anything and really being one with ourselves.  Trying to play as a team.”

The first game of the year serves a lot of benefits, as a measuring stick almost to where a team can improve upon moving ahead.

And one thing is for sure, the Huskies of North Marion know how they can improve to put this game away and get back on their winning ways.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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