McKay Wrestling Wrapping Up First Week of Practice

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore–  A week into the 2016, there is a sense of confidence amongst the McKay Wrestlers as they have a lot new faces out this year to mix in with the older ones.

Salvador ‘Chava’ Carmago, one of the returners from 2015’s squad, likes how the team is hitting their stride with the learning curve as the first week wraps up Friday.

“This week has been great, at least from my point of view,” Carmago said.  “Even though we have a lot of new people, I feel like their learning things fast.  There developing quick and I feel like this team is going to be something great.”

The team, though half the numbers were there on the mats due to weight certifications happening for the team, were continuing down the road for December 3 when they travel to Cascade High School for the Perry Burelson Tournament to open the season.

McKay competing against another in pairs to end Thursday’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



As the other half of the team entered the matted area that oversees where the Varsity and JV Boys Basketball Team of McKay Thursday, the Scots grapplers were doing some team bonding in conditioning as pairs compete together against other pairs in practice.

One of the new faces on the team this year, senior Cyrus Mora, knows how important is it to have this type of team building even though wrestling is an individual sport come match day.

“Honestly, in my opinion, I really admire those drills because it bring really good  communication and good communication with your partners,” said Mora.  “And it shows that I got your back and you got my back and throughout the season that’s what we expect.  We expect to push each other…Being tenacious, that’s my word tenacious for what you want and that’s what those drills do.”

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Photo Gallery by Jeremy McDonald


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