Building From The Fire

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  There was a sense of intensity as the second day of practice under the Darren Shryock regime as they did full court sprints and working on breaking down drills to start Tuesday’s practice.

Though they got one full practice under their belts they are already recognizing that this system will be intense compare to last year as Shryock challenges them to go harder.

“It’s been a lot more intense,” said Alyssa Lindemann. “We just had a faster pace than we’ve ever had before.”

A 17 year veteran of coaching that spanned coaching the boys teams at 5A Sliverton and 6A McKay, the current Stayton Eagle Athletic Director knows that it’s a challenge to do both, but he’s fully aware of what both jobs need.

“I did it for 17 years before becoming AD,” said Shryock. “I was at McKay High School as Head Coach and at Sliverton High School as a head coach.  The coaching aspect is not new, it’s girls instead of boys, I did boys my entire career.

“But I have three girls of my own, so it’s not like the female psyche, so it’s not brand new to me.”

Though most of the girls like Lindemann knows their new Coach as Mr. Shryock last year as their AD around campus; but now as a coach as well, there’s a sense of respect as they’re now calling him coach.

“It’s really so much fun because everyone really respects him,” said Lindemann.

AD and Girls Head Coach Darren Shryock (Blue Sweatshirt) explaining a defensive drill they were working on (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

On top of that, there’s fire from how last season ended.

Entering the bracket for the first time in a few years, they ran into a wall with a Banks team that went on to finish fourth in the OSAA 4A State Tournament this past year.

As for the fire, it started from there and it build from the offseason as they enter the second day of the season.

“Last year, it made us stronger as a team and I think this year we’re going to come back and better than we have the last two or three years,” said Rachel Doran.  “A couple of us have been training all off-season pretty hard and I think that’ll really contribute to the team this year.

“Everyone’s been working really hard in practice so far and we’ve only had one day, but everyone are working 100-times harder and I think it’s going to be a good season.”

That hard first day was translating over the second day as the intensity as they learn the new, intense system that Coach Shryock is bringing in.

Stayton will face the Braves again the second game of the year at home, but will open the season December 2 versus Estacada at home at 5:30pm as they expect to get back to where they were at last year.

As for now, it’s back to practice.


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