The Eve Of Wrestling Season

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.—It’s the eve of the Wrestling Season across the State of Oregon as the offseason, open mats are wrapping up.

At McKay High School, you saw the excitement as the kids tuned up a few skills heading into Monday’s official start of practice for the Winter season.

“I am actually very excited, very hyped,” said freshman Norely Lara.  “Because I’ve been working my butt off all summer just to go be here at McKay and wrestle.  And to get the opportunity to come and seeing all the new freshman coming in with me also, it’s really great.”

“For me I’m really excited, it’s my senior year I plan on doing great things with me and my fellow teammates and I’ve been working gall summer,” said Salavador ‘Chava’ Carmago. “I mean, a few of the us wrestlers having been working all summer as well.  We’re just ready to come back in and dominate this season.”

As Head Coach Troy Thomas calls the end of the session that he was observing with brother and assistant coach Tyler Thomas, he walked through practice procedures for the regular season and how the first week of practice will go with hydration testing, weight plans and the typical start of the season stuff to those who attended the final open mats of the season.

(Left to Right): Shane Tennis, Salvador ‘Chava’ Carmgo and David Rubio getting ready at the start of the final open mat of the offseason (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But even the Head Thomas is excited for the season to start.

“I’m very excited it’s like  a groundhog coming out of it’s burrow,” said Troy Thomas. “I’m ready to watch some intense McKay wrestling and I’m proud to be their coach and couldn’t be happier for this time of year.”

With the Groundhog Day reference, Thomas laughed as he knows he’ll have to explain some of his Old School slang to the newer generation of McKay Royal Scots wrestlers.

“The thing is with these kids, I older I get the younger the kids are so there’s less and less of my references they can actually understand,” Thomas laughed.  “That’s the hardest part about coaching today’s youth.”

But he wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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Photos (Pictures By Jeremy McDonald)



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