Cascade’s Woods, Philomath’s Rogers Co-Players of Year (Full 4A OWC GSoc List)

By Jeremy McDonald

Coach of the Year:

Mat Phelps, Philomath

Co-Players of the Year :

Loren Rogers,  Philomath

Emma Woods, Cascade

1st Team Honors: 

Sage O’Loughlin, 11, Yamhill Carlton


Madelyn Holum,12 , North Marion

Halee Wright , 11, Cascade

Field Players

Carrie Lillis, 10, Philomath

Campbell Smith, 12, Yamhill Carlton

Isabella VanHorn, 11, Yamhill Carlton

Molly Klipfel, 12, Philomath

MarDeSol Verastegui, 10, North Marion

Brooklyn Petterson, 11, Cascade

Kyndal Marshall, 11, Philomath

Elisa Kanoff, 12, Cascade

Destiny Martinez, 12, Newport

2nd Team Honors:

Goal Keeper 

Silvia Gomez, 10, Stayton


Jessica Saathoff, 12, Philomath

Megan Gaibler, 11, Yamhill Carlton

Field Players

Quincy Pitman, 10, Philomath

Emma Allen, 9, Newport

Jenica Wiebanga, 10, Cascade

Diana Colin-Martinez, 10, Cascade

Camry Jones, 11, North Marion

Violet Sheehan, 11, Newport

Lupita Cruz, 12,  Stayton

Honorable Mention Honors

Stayton’s Olivia Caesarez (7) was one of seven Eagles who earned All-OWC Honorable Mention Honors while Slivia Gomez (Pink Shirt) earned 2nd Team Goalie in the Conference.

Goal Keeper

Laura McCrum, 12, Newport

Jessyca Allen, 12, North Marion

Faith Craig, 11, Cascade


Kelsey Molan, 11, Cascade

Jensyn Stanger, 12, Yamhill Carlton

Blanca Diaz, 10, North Marion

Field Players

Melany Bahena, 11, North Marion

Josie Wright , 10, Yamhill Carlton

Nyah Collins, 10, Cascade

Viance Aguirre, 10, North Marion

Sonia Jimenez, 12, North Marion

Valeria Navarro, 10, Stayton

Samantha Sheppard, 12, Stayton

Kelsey Molan, 11, Cascade

Maliah Russel, 11, Cascade

Abby Durrell, 10, Yamhill Carlton

Kjersti LeClair, 10, Yamhill Carlton

Izaland Samuell, 10, Stayton

Olivia Casarez, 10, Stayton

Kylie Fisk, 9, Stayton

Ariana Aceves, 10, Statyon

Julieta Areola, 9, Stayton

Andie Jo Whitlow, 11, Yamhill Carlton

Sarah Buddingh, 11, Philomath

Mariela Gonzalez, 9, Stayton 


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