Cascade Looking To Carry Momentum For Saturday Night Under The Lights

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  Advancing in the playoffs is always the best feeling, especially when your trying to go deep one last time for the two seniors on your team.

“I’m excited, especially for our two seniors who get to continue,” said Head Coach Skip Collins.  “The girls and I are really excited is playing over at (name) field hopefully Saturday.”

Wish and you shall receive as the Cougars will be playing on Federico Field Saturday for the second-round of the 4A OSAA Playoffs versus Gladstone, who defeated Sutherlin with the same identical 2-0 win Tuesday evening up in Gladstone.

How they got to their second-round game versus the Gladiators was something expected, but still stunning:

With aggressive playing style and physical play.

Maliah Russell (6) sending the ball as a McLoughlin defense tries to slow her down (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“I think that we did good,” said Nyah Collins.  “I think that the crazy schedules messing up and stuff, I think that really gave us fire to keep going and to give us aggression to keep pushing forward for throughout the playoffs.”

With their 2-0 result, they’ll need that same game plan that was so successful Tuesday versus McLoughlin against a very tough Gladstone squad that only lost three times all year and have nine shutouts in their 15 games in 2016 if they hope to reach the semi-finals next Tuesday.

But for Cascade, what makes them so great is them as they moved to Saturday’s game is their ability to motivate each other, communicating with each other and a defense that has 11 shutouts themselves.

“I think each of our team motivating each other and making sure our communication is open,” said Skip Collins.  “As you saw today, everyone was communicating, everyone worked hard to the ball and we just have to continue the trend.  It was like at North Marion, we just haven’t stop fighting.

Faith Craig (00) and Brooklynn Petterson (1) beginning to adjust to McLoughlin’s Free Kick (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“The fact that our defense didn’t allow any goals in is just amazing.  They’re strong, I think they’ve allowed one shot on goal, so just being able to keep them motivating is realistically is what makes this team great. They motivate each other.”

Not to mention a offensive forefront that’s turned those defensive stops into goals as the Cascade Cougar machine continue to churn.

On top of that, the Cougars know that this win will motivate them for more come Saturday.

“We’ll just take the win and just fuel the fire and keep going,” said Nyah Collins.

Kickoff is at 6pm

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