Clackamas CC Men Gearing Up For The Season Ahead

By Jeremy McDonald

OREGON CITY, Ore.–  It’s that time of the year again as the weather is getting colder outside:

Basketball Season.

It’s been a few months since Clackamas Community College Men’s Basketball saw their season end in the first round of the NWAC Tournament.

But that was then, and this is now.

After a few days worth of practice, the Cougars were scrimmaging against a South Puget Sound Community College that are coming off their best season ever in the West Region of the NWAC, and excitement is there.

“I think the team coming together really well,” said sophomore Daniel Thiesen.  “We’ve been battling against each other in practice, so we were really looking forward to play against someone else.  Everyone’s ready to play and playing together and we did a really good job (tonight).”

Daniel Thiesen (with Ball) prepares to shoot a pair of Free Throws Sunday Afternoon in the scrimmage (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Against the Clippers, you saw Clackamas battling against the zone that South was running as the 16 players on the roster are trying to make their name to wear the Cougs jersey.

Cougars Head Coach Clif Wegner and his staff made do with it as the team found a rhythm despite subbing kids all over the place Sunday afternoon.

“I think they did a pretty good job today,” said Wegner.  “Cause it’s very hard to play against zones in the early season, we haven’t had much time working going up against zones.  This last week  we’ve zoned in and spent a little time with it.

“I thought it went pretty well, (South Puget Sound) is a good team, well-coached, good kids.  It was a good preseason scrimmage really. I thought we got some good from it.”

With these scrimmages, it does help to see how the team is progressing to help know where to make adjustments in some areas, while sustaining what’s working in others.

Coming out of the scrimmage, the biggest positive out of a list of many was how the team fought against the strong team that the Clippers are returning this year, while knowing they need to cut down their turnovers entering the 12 team jamboree they are hosting November 6.

The Clackamas bench celebrating during a play in Sunday’s Scrimmage (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“We got to turn it over less, we had way too many turnovers,” said Wegner. “Just turnovers in general, mostly on the pass, a few on the dribble.  Turn it over less, crisp up the ball movement.  The problem against the zone has to be more faster and more precious.  We were taking too long getting into stuff, but again that’s learning process to running against zones.

“South Puget has a nice team, they got a few big athletes.  They got a super guard that can shoot the ball and they’re coming off a good season and they’re well coached and I think they’re going to be a good team.”

As Clackamas look to build off the success from Sunday afternoon and fix the mistakes in the meantime, they’ll have a nice little break Monday to heal up and prepare to face five teams here in a week.

“It’s nice to have a break,” laughed “We’ve been running for the last bunch of days, more than a week so it’s always nice to have that day off.  We’ve ran pretty hard at the beginning of the week and we’re getting ready for this game.

“We just got to get ready for the next one, I think we got the jamboree coming up.  So a bunch of short games.”

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