McNary’s Doutt Fired Up Following State Streak Snapped

By Jeremy McDonald

CORVALLIS, Ore.–  McNary’s Kailey Doutt has been dominate when it comes to the Greater Valley Conference District Meet.

As a freshman and sophomore Doutt qualified for the Big Show, the State Championship race, where she has steadily improved over the two years from 57th her freshman year to 53rd her sophomore year.

As a junior, she hoped to continue that trend by going 3-for-3 in her running career.

But, a nagging injury from track season plagued her as the streak was broken Wednesday at Crystal Lake.

“I wanted to go to State, I felt awful,” she described the frustration.  “I’m just going to work to get stronger.”

“It’s a tough race,” said Head Celtics Coach Kyle Rose.  “She works her tail off more than, probably anyone out here and just for her to have these nagging injuries all season long, it’s been a tough year for her.

Doutt (far left) smiling with her Celtic Teammates before Wednesday’s race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“But she’s the type of girl, she’s going to go out and she’ll probably win All-Conference in Basketball, and then she’s going to come out for Track and she’s going to tear it up in Track and she’ll be ready to go next year for Cross Country.  She’s the type of girl that every coach would love her to have.  She works so hard.  It hurts, but she’ll be alright.”

Doutt, who finished 17th and got Honorable Mention during Wednesday’s race, is already planning for next year and she will this defeat into fuel for the fire as she hopes to make it 3-for-4 in her prep career next year as a senior.

“It motivates me a lot,” she said.  “I’m going to be training a lot in the offseason and push myself harder.  I am going to cross train to get stronger.”

Doutt was the only one who received honors for McNary, but Rose is happy with how his team performed at Districts.

“Kids ran with their whole hearts, as hard as they could,” he said.  “A few kids fell down and they pop right on up and finish so I’m just proud as I can possible be right now.”

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