Eagles End Season In Tough Fashion, Driven To Be Better In 2017.

By Jeremy McDonald


NEWPORT, Ore.–  As the season came to an end, the Lady Eagles of Stayton had probably one of their toughest games of the year.

Out in Newport to close out the season, the Eagles had numerous opportunities call back late with offsides distrupting their flow on the offensive side as there defense held the Cubs to a goal in the 1-0 win Tuesday night.

It was frustrated to say the least for the off season and entering next season explained Valeria Navarro.

“This loss was hard because we knew we should of won.” she started.  “There were some bad calls and the final score should of been 3-1, this fueled us up real quick because we all knew that was our game and we hope next season is better.”

The team finished 2-10-2 overall and 1-8-1 with a team that was steadily improving from camp in August to October 25.

“This season has been a hard one on the girls, they don’t easily see the growth they have shown,” said Head Coach Lael Anderson.  “At the beginning of the season when we had goals scored on us, we allowed frustration to rule and  often gave up a few more goals as a result. Today’s game was the mark of a huge accomplishment for the girls.

“They played fearless and they played their game. Even when scored on, and  having their offensive opportunities halted, they maintained intensity and momentum to keep the ball in our attacking third. The girls have become more resilient this season, and for that I am pleased.”

As they enter the offseason and prepare for next year, they’ll be only losing two seniors and returning the core of this year’s team to next year.

And you can already sense that this team is already to go to show that they are better than what this year showed.

“I saw a lot of improvement from what we started from. towards the end we were much more aggressive and that would of been more helpful towards the beginning of the season. we started the season off ‘scared’ and couldn’t find ourselves. we had one heck of a roller coaster season,” started Navarro.

“But that’s how we learn. we can carry this momentum into next year by knowing how we each play and continue fighting. I want to have a better season next year and I’m sure most of the girls on the team want to as well.”

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