McNary Snags GVC Win #1 Over Garibay’s Scots

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Entering Monday’s contest, both McKay and McNary found themselves without a win in Greater Valley Conference play.

The Scots, behind goalie Zendy Garibay and their defensive backline, McKay was able to build off of their defensive glimpses from Thursday and were able to create more offensive plays regularly.

But, behind two Isabella Heath goals in a three-goal second half to add to their score total from the first half, the Celtics slipped by the Scots 5-0 to pick up their first league win of the year.  It also snapped a winless streak dating back to September 15 for McNary.

Garibay (pink) and her defensive line prepare for McNary’s corner kick Monday Night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



“It was a tough game,” described Scots Head Coach Arturo Alfaro via social media.  “McNary has very good talented players but I think we did a good job at stopping a lot of there attacks. We made a lot of changes in the back and you can definitely see the difference. We didn’t boot it out so much like we have been in the past and just kept calm with the ball and kept trying to find offensive opportunities.”

As for Garibay’s strong performance outside of the scoreboard, Alfaro is impressed.

“She impressed me today. She stepped it up, was more vocal and stopped lots of good shots on goal. Before the game we talked about working on communicating better and today I saw that improve.”

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Few Pictures From Monday Night’s Game (Pictures By Jeremy McDonald)


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