Stayton Boys Soccer Battling Through The Adversity

By Jeremy McDonald

PHILOMATH, Ore.–  The Stayton Boys Soccer team ended what would be one of the toughest weeks of the season for them as a unit.

With the injury bug making a presence for them, the Eagles are trying their best to adjust with the cards they are dealt with.

Behind two replacements in the backfield with Jose “Chivo” Gomez and Jose Navarro out with injuries suffered since last Thursday’s game with North Marion, Stayton’s backline stepped up against a Philomath team that’s proven to be consistent this season.

Alex Cramer admits that games like this are wake up calls for his team as a reality check compare to what they think from prior Stayton success in the past.

“It’s a wakeup call and we need to realize that we’re quiet as talented as we think we are,” said Alex Cramer. “We’re not going to make people give up by showing up, we’ll have to actually play.”

Alex Cramer (9) battling for the ball (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

There were senses of frustration within themselves in the muk and grime from the rainy conditions around them, but the Eagles looked to be working through their frustrations and tried to battle and comprehend what is going on around them injury or not.

“Injuries happen and we can’t just be like, ‘oh man we got someone injuried, we can’t win now’-kind of thing,” said Cramer.  “Our Athletic Director (Darren Schyrock) kind of said this year, he said, ‘I was checking online for your rankings on a injured player’ or something and couldn’t find them because they don’t care.

“Nobody cares if you have a injured player or not, you still have to play and perform.  And you can’t just say you lost because you don’t have that one player, it’s a team effort.”

Courage Minten, Cramer, David Rameriez and Jacobe Croff all tried to push the offensive tempo that had them scoring 30 goals to this point of the season, but they couldn’t connect on their shots in the 0-0 tie Thursday afternoon on the road.

Mauricio Zamudio pitched a shutout behind a strong performance in his first start in replacement for Jose Navarro (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Confidence is high though for the boys, Cramer points out where they’re at with OWC-front runner Newport and mentioned that these same Warriors tied them during the first go around and that anything is possible moving forward.
“We still got to play more, you can’t give up.  You got to keep playing.”“I mean we’re not out of it and I think that’s always nice to think about.  Your definitely still have control if you still keep getting better,” said Cramer.  “You can’t let a week like this affect this.  We got a point out of it, (and) it’s not like we lost both games and even the Newport loss, we put up a good game and we can learn from it.


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