Seniors Go Back-2-Back In PowderPuff

By Jeremy McDOnald

SALEM, Ore.–  For the second-year in a row, the Class of 2017 won the McKay High School Annual PowderPuff Football game.

The score?  It came off one play that resulted in the lone score of the game.

The lone score of the game came off a sweep on along the juniors sideline by seniors Esmeralda Arellnao in the first half where she was met by fellow Senior Cecilia Munoz in the end zone.

“It felt good,” said Aellano on the game-winning score.  “I was like with (Munoz), we just celebrated, it was so fun.”

When they added the two-point conversion, the score stood at 8-0 in favor of this years graduating class.

Arellano going in for the score (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Following the score however, as the teams went into halftime, the juniors made adjustments on defense to slow down a senior offense that was so dominate behind the mastermind of Junior Defensive and Offensive Lineman Raul Solis.

“I feel like we did very well,” said Coach Solis.  “All of our people stopped them because I could really read the formation and stop their running, but that was about it, we did pretty good.

“To be honest offensively why we couldn’t get there was because they had Cecilia Munoz at the Left Corner, she was a good stop for them.”

Munoz was a force to be reckon with in the second half as the juniors tried to challenge the senior on the edge with their running game.

“We knew what we were going to do, we practiced a lot too,” said Munoz. “I thought it was kinda of funny that they were going to target me and not my whole team but it put me in the path so it’s ok.”

The Juniors Boys cheering on the Junior Girls in the second half of Wednesday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

On the senior sideline were also some of the McKay Football Players.  Seniors like Noah Tavera, Matt Jarding to name a few to go up Solis and his team as the players took their turn coaching instead of Coach Riddell and his staff coaching.

“It felt pretty good, you know Matthew, Manny (Miranda), Nolan (Araujo), I could’ve hadn’t done it without them,” said Coach Tavera on coaching.  “I mean Matthew the main guy, he’s great and coaching was just all around good overall and we had a great time.

“We pretty much made a bunch of stuff up, it was pretty much basic offense and made it easy for them.”

But as the girls celebrated, Tavera and his coaching staff couldn’t help but to celebrate as well.

“Back-to-Back…Woo!” said Tavera.

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