Takeaways From The League Opener

By Jeremy McDonald


ALBANY, Ore.—It wasn’t what the McKay Lady Scots were expecting when they opened the Greater Valley Conference against a very talented West Albany Soccer squad Tuesday night.

Though the final score read: Bulldogs 6, Scots 0, there were a few takeaways from the game.

“Knowing how competitive the league is, obviously West Albany had a great preseason so far,” said McKay Head Coach Arturo Alfaro.  I believe they have four or five wins in preseason and two wins in league so far.  So we knew it was going to be tough and we know what exactly we need to work on.”

Things like communication, knowing where to be on defense and everything know with pressure and when to pressure.

“I know we can definitely can get there,” said Alfaro confidently as his team walked out to the team bus back to Salem.

As to move on from this and prepare for their North Salem Rivalry game versus North Salem High School, they

“Keeping our heads up and always trying and never giving up,” said Jackie Macias.

McKay kept fighting despite what the scoreboard said (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“And just connecting with each other , just really having that focus with us and just to trust players,” said Lesly Bermudez.  “Just to keep our format in our games and not of, ‘oh they scored one goal’, you have to keep going until the very end.”

And you saw glimpses of them not giving up no matter the score, holding the Bulldogs to one goal in the second half and keeping their pressuring offense off the scoreboard for about 22 and a half minutes in the first half behind their defensive line.

Cecilia Munoz, who scored a goal in last week’s 3-2 loss to Woodburn, tried to help spark their offensive line throughout the game and nearly snapping the shutout on more than one occasion late in the game as the McKay Lady Scots were supporting one another no matter the score.

And that’s something Alfaro preached to them since the start of the season, being supportive and staying positive.

“Just supporting one another, in the beginning of the year we said, ‘win or lose as long as you go 100-percent, as long as your supporting each other,” “And probably the number one thing is being positive.  Always being positive regardless.

“I think that’s something that’s what affected us last year is that we were so negative in the season and when other girls saw the girls who were negative it just kind of spreading and that’s something that we’re changing and I think that’s what helped keep our heads up.”

McKay will have a day off before taking on the Vikings of North Salem Thursday at North Salem.  Kickoff is at 7pm.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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