‘It’s Turner Week’

By Jeremy McDonald


STAYTON, Ore.—They had an unique situation only that to the Oregon West Conference this season.

This past Friday was suppose to be their game versus Philomath, but with the Warriors cancelling their season it gave Stayton a Bye Week.

“The big thing we want to focus on last week was one, we want to focus on our physical health to be able to heal up as we enter our league play,” said Head Coach Andy Campbell.  “We want to focus on our mental health, just to make sure we are emotionally right and have everything going in the right direction up stairs.  Then we want to make sure we execute and do the little things right.”

For players like senior Jacob Jungwirth, the time off gave them an opportunity to scout their opposition more soundly entering Week 5 of the season.

“It was good, we got to two weeks to look at the one opponent we’re playing so that’s a good first,”  said Jungwirth.

Stayton working on breaking double teams during practice Tuesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Now with a game on Friday, the trick is to amp it back up.  But hey, they don’t need much more motivation than who they’re facing Friday night.


“It’s Turner week,” said Campbell.  “That should be the only excuse we need to get fired up and motivated.  If you can’t get fired up for this game, you’re playing the wrong sport.”

For those unfamiliar with the ‘Turner’-reference outside of the Stayton area, it’s in reference to Cascade High School, their rival; and the players are as excited as their coaches.

“It’s pretty fun, it’ll be pretty good.  It’s going to be my last game so, I’ll make the most of it,” said Jungwirth.

The Eagles will make the 6.6 mile trek from home base over to the Cougar’s home field for the Rivalry Game, kickoff is at 7pm Friday Night.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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