Mckay Football JV Battled McNary To Start Homecoming Week With Defense

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  With Homecoming later this week for McKay, why not start the week the same way it’ll end:

With a Football Game.

While the Varsity focuses on the Bulldogs of West Albany, the Junior Varsity Royal Scots wrapped up Week 4 action with McNary and it was the defense of McKay that was on showcase Monday Night under the lights.

The Scots would get a pick to start the game deep in their territory to end the Celts opening drive.

That interception was followed by one of McKay’s three fumble recoveries of the game on the following defensive possession.

But, McNary found just enough of a hole in the stout defense that was of the Scots as Griffin Oliveira as time expired in the first half.

Though some minor success against McKay offensively, McNary struggled to find a steady groove versus the Scots Monday Night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Instead of rolling over and accepting that the Celtics scored, McKay’s defense made up for a slow offense by recovering yet another fumble with three minutes left in the first half that was followed by a huge defensive stand with under 30 seconds left to keep McNary off board 7-0 at halftime.

Entering the second half, the Scots were winning the turnover battle three to one before picking up their fourth turnover as a unit, a fumble recovery, in the third quarter.

Izik Garcia he liked how his defense stayed the course no matter the mistakes they made.

“I mean I feel like we worked really hard as a unit,” started Garcia.  “There were mistakes but we just kept our heads up and kept working at it and we were just trying to give the offense touches so we can get back on that scoreboard.”

McKay found a groove on offense with about eight to go down a score behind Jose Camarena and his running ability at Running Back with two big plays.

Jovi Davis (16) helped McKay try to find their footing on offense at QB (as pictured above running out of the pocket) or at Receiver with a big catch in the 4th (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Jovi Davis, who started the game at quarterback before moving to receiver and defensive back in the second half, described the offensive sluggish start as something they can improve on moving forward as the team marched down the field with Ryan Bangs at QB.

“Offensively we could improve by our line holding their blocks more and holding their blocks more,” said Davis.  “I mean we got our counts down perfect, if we could hold our blocks, we would have big gains because we have the plays to do so.”20

But an offensive jump stopped the drive as they couldn’t convert a 4th and about 10 to keep the drive alive.

There defense got a stop and gave their offense a chance to tie the game with 210 left.

Bangs completed a nice pass to Davis with 1:24 left to make it 3rd and 3.  A Incomplete pass would make it 4th and 3 with 1:14 left in the ball game.

Bangs (8), Davis (16) and company tried to mount a late-game rally against McNary with about a minute to go (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Needing just three to keep the drive alive, Bangs drop back throws the ball to the middle of the field, but was picked off by Clay Mary that sealed the 7-0 McNary win as they squeezed out one last first down to ice it with under a minute to go on fourth down.

“It definitely felt good,” Bangs would say on the fourth quarter momentum offensively. “I thought we were going to punch one or two in the end zone for sure so I felt pretty good about it, but it didn’t turn out the way we wanted it.”

Davis said it was one of the best defensive performances of the season for the JV unit of the Scots as Garcia

“To carry this momentum,” started Garcia.  “Obviously we got to start at practice and have a good practice this week and focus up on our assignments so the little things matter.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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