2-2 Gervais Cougars Prepare For Homecoming Vs Willamina

By Jeremy McDonald


GERVAIS, Ore.–Last time Gervais (2-2, 1-1 PacWest Conference) had two wins in the same season was 2013 when they went 2-4 in the old West Valley Conference and went 2-7 that year.

Sitting at 2-2 entering Homecoming Week versus Willamina (1-3, 0-2 West Valley Conference), the Cougars have already matched not just the win total of 2013, they’ve out-won the amount of games from 2014 and 2015 combined following their 70-0 victory over Chemawa Friday night in Keizer.

Behind a strong offensive line, the offense was rolling versus the Braves.  But hey, it’s a new week, the opponent is different and the focus is on the here and now.

“Every single game is a new game,” said senior lineman Calen Bichsel.  “We just have to put the past behind us and just focus on the game in front of us and we just have to take it one week at a time.  Play every team that comes in front of us.”39

With Salem Academy coming to Gervais next week, and the rest of their PacWest Conference starting then, it’s good practice for the young Cougars to focus on taking it one game at a time.

Peter McKinley (Ball Carrier) pulling a spin move during practice Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But that’s next week and the Bulldogs with their Read-Option/Triple-Option-isc offense and the excitement of Homecoming is this week with how the team is performing to this point of the season.

“It’s going to make it a lot more better now that we’re winning, and that it’s Homecoming, we can’t lose.  This is our house,” said Derrick Jaramillo.  “It’s Homecoming, like the whole town is excited,” “Just having everyone out here, like the old alumni, it’s great.”

There was some fun at practice however as they started under summer-like conditions Monday as they get ready for Homecoming on home grass at Gervais High School:

The Oklahoma Drill.

“It was pretty fun, it’s fun to go out and hit each other,” said Jaramillo.  “Espically when your doing it against  your best friends.  It makes it that much more fun, you have bragging rights about it.”

Not a bad way to start what is going to be a fun and exciting week for the Boys in Blue.

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Photos by Jeremy McDonald




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