McKay Runners Pushing The Lead Pack

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  McKay started the second half of their season Wednesday at Geer Park where Sprague High School was hosting the Royal Scots, and South Salem in a race in which the Junior Varsity and Varsity of the boys and girls were racing together in the same race.

During the girls race, Sophomore pheom Hanna Caldwell she hung with the front group that consisted of some very strong Sprague runners as she finished in the Top 10 for the Scots.

Caldwell admits that it was hard work trying to keep up with the lead group in front of her during the race with the challenges of the race itself mentally and the terrain that Sprague set up with grass, dirt, hills and straight-aways.

“It was a lot of terrain,” said Caldwell with a smile. “I like it, it was ok.  I like flat courses, but this one was good.”

Over on the guys side, as they kept up with a very strong Thomas Burney from South Salem and Sprague’s Jake Donnellan, Mckay’s Erick Brambila and Juan Heredia flirted with Top 5 and Top 10 positions respectively.

Brambila described the race as tough with the course and with who they were going up against.

Juan Heredia (right) battled along with McKay teammate Erick Brambila in the front of the pack Wednesday in the guys race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“It was a really tough course, I mean we had some really tough competition, but it’s really different from outside schools because we know who we’re running against and we’re used to them,” said Brambila.  “It’s really good because we know who we’re rivaling against and know how to push each other especially when you see people pass us, you have the mentality to have to stay where you were or else you were going to get sore.”

But, the good thing about going up against these guys, it’s all in preparation for Districts come October 26.

“It’s really good preparation because these are the teams we are going against,” said Brambila.  “If we can’t beat them, we’re going to higher in place than we were supposed to.

“I have really high expectations for my team, especially the freshman because I know that they can work together hard and they can most likely make it to State their senior year.”

Stats were not available as of 11:45pm.  But will be found at when posted.

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