North Volleyball Finishes First Loop Through GVC-Play

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The North Salem Lady Vikings Volleyball team have seen some improvement outside of their 1-6 record.

Versus McMinnville to start Greater Valley Conference play, North progressively improved in each set.  Against Forest Grove, they were within two or three points in the final two sets of nabbing match wins.

September 6, against Sprague, a 6A playoff team in 2015, the Viks showed that they can hang around.

Sophmore Marta Jantzi knows that her team can compete with these teams, they need to play Volleyball.

“I think we need to realize that we have potential that we can compete with these teams and we’re really hard on ourselves and we need to stop doing that and just to have fun and play Volleyball,” said Jantzi.  “Don’t play some complicated sport that your trying to do, just play Volleyball.”35

With the team playing every time with the exception of McKay, the North Salem knows they need to communicate and come together to get the first GVC-set win and a GVC-win.

“We just need to communicate more and work together as a family and just come together,” said Sydnee Rupp.

As the team take to work on sharpening the edges between Tuesday’s loss to South Salem and their road trip to McMinnville next Tuesday, they know they taste of how the game versus the Saxons ended will linger around.

“I think we did played great in the first set,” said Jantzi.  “But as time went on, we just gave up.  We could’ve played better.”

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