Time To Get Back To Work

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  It wasn’t what the boys in Gold and Green were expecting on their home opener against McMinnville.

In a matter of fact it wasn’t as they looked up at the scoreboard and it said Guest: 41, McKay: 14.

At the beginning of the second half, the Royal Scots came out firing, trying to show that the few big plays that the Grizzlies produced in the first half that set up the 20-7 score were just accidents.

They did just that.

Shanton Daniels intercepted the ball and was flying down the home sideline looking to turn the interception into a Pick-6.

But he was tackled six yards short of the goal line, but on the next play Matt Jarding punched it in as the score stood at 20-14.

Matt Jarding (45) and Noah Tavera (4) before a play on offense Friday Night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It was very important,” said Daniels on the sequence of events that led to the touchdown.  “We were trying to get the team not to drop their heads.  Pick their heads back up and get the motivation for the team.”

McMinnville would answer on their possession as they would score 21 unanswered against McKay’s defense that held a West Salem team that dropped 36 points on Sprague Friday night to 20 in Week One.

The Scots struggled during this span to duplicate there start of the second half success.  They had several good plays on defense and on offense, but couldn’t string it together for big plays and stops.

But this wakeup call is good as they look to rebound against Forest Grove that lost a tight game versus North Salem 15-14 in week 2.

“We didn’t practice as hard as we should’ve like we did against West Salem,” said Daniels. “So this week in practice.  No joking around, just get back to business.

Manny Miranda (9) was vocal about how his team can improve moving forward (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



“This game, we didn’t execute the plays as well as we did in the other games.  We just need to fix the small mistakes and we’ll be back on track.”

Manny Miranda was passionate in his response how his team can improve moving into Week 3 of the season.

“Next week we just have to come out and compete every (expletive) day,” said Miranda.   “Because I feel like we weren’t practicing as good as we should’ve last week so it shows us Friday night so comeback next week, compete all week all week long and we’ll have a good result next Friday night.”

UP NEXT- Vs. Forest Grove (9/16) 7pm

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