The First Taste Of High School Football

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.—For the McKay High School Football Freshman, Thursday’s game versus West Salem was their first game in the Green and Gold.

Alex Cardenas, who started safety for the Royal Scots mentioned that the game from middle school to high school is so much faster; but they could get so much better following their 35-0 loss versus the Titans.

“High School football, it’s good,” said Cardenas.  “It’s fast paced, there’s a lot of things that I could say, it’s more fast pace than Middle School.  My first taste of it, I mean a lot of those guys got down, we put ourselves  through it and all I could say is that we did our best.  I think that we could totally do better, our line could do better.  Everyone on our team could definitely do better.

“This was good, this was a good match-up.  The game could have gone better.  We could’ve gotten more interceptions, more tackles.  West is a good team and that’s all I could say, they put it to us, they’re competition to us.”

Alex Tavera, younger brother of senior McKay athlete Noah Tavera, said that the experience was awesome, but wished his father, Pancho was there to witnessed it.

“It feels good,” said Tavera.  “But I wish my dad was at least here, it was kind of different not having him here.”

Pancho passed away a little more than a year ago from esophageal cancer.

Caleb Parkinson (14) trying to break away from a West Salem defender (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The two Alex’s and their McKay teammates took the Black Turf, or the ‘Black Hole’ as it’s known at West Salem; and down 13-0 with their backs against the wall in the first quarter on the six-yard-line, the Scots denied the Titans from scoring.

Following the Goaline Stand, Jeremiah Choaki produced 19 yd run in the first quarter.  87 had a nice six yard dash in the second.

Behind Choaki, Anthony Lupian, and Raphael Aguilar, McKay pieced together a nice, long drive in the third quarter before a punt ended the drive.

But Aguilar had the crucial 4th down stop on their own six to end the perusing West drive, the second goal line stand for the freshman team as the Scots defense allowed one Touchdown in the second half.

Tavera knows that it was great for his team, and had they done what they did in the second half, they would’ve done better in general.

“I think we were doing pretty good, If we done what we did in the second half, we would’ve done a lot better,” he said.  “Just don’t put people down, keep them up and don’t keep them down.”

“The score, all we can say is when we came out from the second half and it was really just 0-0 to us,” said Cardenas.  “They might’ve beat us, but it definitely doesn’t affect us and our gameplan farther on in the season.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


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