First Annual Green And Gold Day

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The Football Stadium at McKay High School was crazy Saturday morning and afternoon.

No it wasn’t for a football game, though there was a Football jamboree for the Junior Varsity squad to end the event, but the event at hand was to illustrate the athletes of McKay High Schools to the community of not just Northeast Salem, but to Salem as a whole.

It’s name:

First Annual Green and Gold Day  Hosted by the McKay Athletic Booster Club.

“It’s really our top priority of bringing the community all back together here,” started Becky Bryant, McKay ABC President.  “Not just for our High Schoolers and their families, but all the way down to our middle schoolers, our elementary schoolers and even younger.

“That they’re all a part of this community and we want to put that pride back in it.  It’s that growing sense of community here.”

Out on the field, you got the volleyball team playing a few sets following the Boys and Girls Royal Scots Soccer teams leading up to the football jamboree to wrap up the day.

There was a nice turnout for the first event of the Green and Gold Days at McKay High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

In the stands a nice size crowd watching the teams illustrating their talents.  Parents, community, friends and family.  They were in the stands.

“It’s important to get the community to get to support us because we don’t have much support and it’s just fun to get all the team’s together,” said Scots Girls Soccer Player Lucia Gabriel, a junior at the school.  “(Its) positive, people are supporting us.

“And when we play, they cheered for us.  It’s a good feeling.”

Walking around were those same soccer teams, the volleyball team, the cheerleaders and the Varsity Football team who came out to support their younger counterparts on the sidelines Saturday afternoon.

“I mean it’s awesome, we’ve never had something like this since my freshman year,” said Senior Matt Jarding. “I mean even the higher upperclassman level, we’ve never done nothing like this, it’s great to see the new Booster Club has the support out.”

Sophomore David Rubio taking a breather during Saturday’s Green and Gold Day (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Coaches were floating around.  Either at in attendance like Head Boys Basketball Coach Dean Sanderson, or at tents like Track and Field Head Coach Curt Everttes, Cross Country Head Coach Arch Zellick with their staff and Wrestling Head Coach Troy Thomas with his staff to name a few.

“I think it’s important to pick up on some of the excitement that the community saw at the Olympics,” said Thomas.  “So they’re seeing some of these high-caliber athletes competing, (and) we want to show them some high-caliber athletes here at McKay and this Green and Gold Day is a great chance to showcase our athletes, especially our wrestlers cause their the toughest sons-a-bitches around.”

Competing against the Oregon State Fair and the Hood-To-Coast Run is no easy task for your first year doing something.

But through that, it was a great turnout said Bryant as they look forward to growing this event in the future.

“For our initial year we’re actually really pleased, we really wanted to focus this year on our athletic teams together and out here,” said Bryant.  “We’re really pleased with the turnout, I think every year it’s going to grow to a bigger and bigger event.”

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Some Photos of Saturday’s Event (Pictures By Jeremy McDonald)


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