Stayton Battling Through Adversity To End Week 1 of Practice

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  The hardest thing to do leading into the season is to simulate some form of adversity to avoid the monotony and staleness that can occur during Fall Camp for the Fall Sports Season.

On the fourth day of practice, six practices since the ‘official’ start of the season, it was mother nature that provided this break in the sameness that is football practice for the Boys of Fall at Stayton High School.

With temperatures pushing 100, what would’ve been a normal padded practice had the Eagles in practice jerseys and helmets instead as they focused on a efficient and quick practice.

“It’s very tough, we haven’t had heat like this yet,” said Brayden Neuharth. “It’s definitely been hot but at least we’re not in full gear and everything so we go through (a) run through, but it’s a tough battle.”

Head Coach Andy Campbell and his staff told their team that they can be quick and efficient, or they could stay out in the heat until it gets done.  To face this adversity head-on.

And Campbell was impressed how his team faced this adversity.

Campbell (far right) going through a play with some of his backfield (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“We don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice adversity,” said Campbell. “So when you get a chance to practice adversity, what a great drill.  What a great drill that was for us and our kids handle it extremely well.

“We got better today.  I think that there’s going to be a lot of teams around the State that can’t say that because of the heat, those kind of things.  (It) could’ve been a excuse for us but it wasn’t, it was a motivating factor for us.  So our kids did a great job.”

With triple-digits again Friday, the plan is to go hard in pads in the morning before the heat of the day happens in the afternoon/evening as they close out the week strong.

Campbell adds that it helps his team be battle tested when they start the season and moving forward.

“That’s the whole point, to be as battle tested as we can,” said Campbell. “Like I said, there’s not a lot of scenarios that you can draw up and practice and teach that kind of stuff.  So for us to have it, mother nature helping us out with that drill, we got better.  It’s huge.”

As for improvement to this point as they do close out Week 1 of the ‘preseason’ with a pair of practices Friday, Stayton is already seeing a steady improvement compare to last year.

“We’re definitely, as we can see so far, better than last year,” said Neuharth.  “We got speed, we got power.  We’ve been in the weight room since the Fall, I think we’re ready.”

“We’re young, (but) we’re really good,” said Jacob Jungwirth.  “I’m excited to see what we can do.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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