McKay Puts On The Pads For 1st Time For Fall Camp

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  There’s nothing like popping on the pads for the first time all season during Fall Camp.

Yeah it’s hot, but there’s no better feeling during two-a-days than to wear those pads that first time with the season knocking on the door.

And the best part for the McKay Football Team Wednesday, they got to do this twice in the same day?  What isn’t it to love about the first day of putting on the pads?

Manny Miranda  (13) running the rock during Wednesday afternoon’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


“It’s pretty fun,” said Noah Tavera.  “You know we’re all pretty hot and excited for the season so I think these practices are pretty energetic, so we’re all excited.”

“It’s really cool,” added Jovi Davis.  “We get to finally get to, being able to wrap up and ‘Thud’-tempo and get used to hitting,” “Making that first contact.  Letting us know the sound and everything like that.

“Getting used to…it’s more like falling in love again.”

Falling back in to love again?  Hey, it’s football.  What isn’t to love about the game?

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Photos (Pictures By Jeremy McDonald)


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