MaxHoops Comes to Clackamas Community College

By Jeremy McDonald

OREGON CITY, Ore.–Working on defending the basketball, were High Schoolers between the Ninth and Twelfth Grades taking part in the MaxHoops Camp at Clackamas Community College .

With Colleges in attendance from NCAA Division-III, NAIA, National Junior College and the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC), the camp gives opportunities to kids to learn from coaches from the next level.

“I think the opportunity for these kids is tremendous,” said MaxHoops Brant Minor.  “To have 18 to 20 different college coaches to see the different levels of schools and some of the kids from the event get scholarships out of it.  Some of the kids learn about other levels that they have not considered.  All these different levels represented, so it’s a great opportunities for the kids.”

Tacoma Community College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Joe White calls something like this a great opportunity for athlete’s to get in front of these athletes and get some feedback from coaches from the next level.

“It gives them an opportunity to be evaluated,” said White.“For some of the young guys, they’re discussing some things with coaches such as, ‘what is my weakness’?  What are my flaws?  What are some of the things you’re seeing that I can work on to become a better player and put myself into position to be a scholarship collegiate athlete?

“As for the older guys, I think it’s a great for them.  Some guys who play at smaller schools to be able to get some time in front of coaches that are valuable to a opportunity to a try-out or a scholarship that they might not have had before.”

Brain Stamme, who is the assistant Men’s Coach at Clackamas Community College, said that have these camps at college campus’ gives athlete’s an opportunity a chance to explore a college campus on top of playing in front of the coaches.

“It’s a great event, it’s really beneficial for us to have 80 High school prospects on our campus,” said Stamme.  “To see our facilities, to see our beautiful campus and take advantage of our hospitality for a couple of days.”

For Rhys Murphy, who came over from Austraila with few Austrailan athletes, calls this opportunity for them as great.

“It’s a really common dream,” he said.  “These guys want to come over and play.  We brought a lot of players over; we brought about 50 players over.  And to be honest we’ll love to have something like this in Australia so the kids have the opportunity to go literally go down the road and play in front of coaches.  A lot of Australia kids would love to have an opportunity like this.”

With about half the camp down on the court working on guarding with constant feedback by one of the college coaches at the camp, the other half were up in a classroom listening to another coach giving a talk, sharing their knowledge about the game.

Stamme said that, no matter if they go to Clackamas, Tacoma, or wherever, he’s in the business of helping kids get ready for the next level no matter if it’s the Pac-12 in Division-1 or the NWAC down in junior college level.

“I’m in coaching to coach young people,” he started.  “They may not play for me but I’m going to help them play somewhere and we’re still going to build relationships and I’m going to fight for the kids who want to do it the right way, all the kids that are here, they’re here for a reason.  They’re here to work towards college.

“A lot of people will look at the brochure and go, ‘there’s no D-1 coaches there.  Why am I going to this event?’ But the reality is that there’s so many other levels of college basketball, that are more realistic for kids and that’s what the kids get to take advantage of.”

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