The Last Of The Rupp’s: North’s Sydnee Rupp

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Making one’s path is hard when you’re the youngest in your family.

Entering her senior year at North Salem High School, Sydnee Rupp knew that she’ll be compare to her three older sisters, and the youngest of five in her family, when she got to the Viking campus a few years ago.

“I would have to say that most of going all through school that I always had the expectations of my siblings and how the teachers always thought I was the perfect little Rupp girl,” started Rupp.  “All my teachers were expecting a quiet little girl, but I wasn’t.  I was much different.”

Rupp described herself as more rowdy and crazy than compare to her siblings.

On the court, the senior made herself known with physical, aggressive play during games but a more laid back side during practice as she tries to help her team succeed the best way she cans.

But Rupp hopes to tune it down a bit this year to be a role model for the younger North kids coming up through the ranks on the Volleyball Court and Softball Field.

“I just get very into the game and I’m super competitive,” she said.  “So when I’m going against girls that are just the same as me, I get very serious to the point where there is no controlling my actions.

“I’m going to try and control it some more this year so that I can be a role model to all of the younger girls so they don’t look up to me as the violent girl.”

This drive has helped to separate her from her siblings starting with her athleticism, but her sisters are supporting her through her ambition to get to the next level.

“Athletics really made me stand out from them since I was always more athletic than them and I pushed myself to get better,” said Rupp.  “I am the only one that wants to play sports in college, they never wanted to go beyond High School.

“They (her sisters) told me not to give up on anything,” she continues.  “Give your best and to avoid drama on and off the court/field.  They definitely inspired me to be a leader and to take charge no matter what the situation is.”

Rupp currently has a few schools expressing interest in her for college athletics for Volleyball and Softball, and there’s some nerves to it knowing that she’s being scouted.

“I’m actually very nervous, I feel like I’m going to make a lot of mistakes but I got to keep my head in the game and play like normal,” said Rupp.  “(But) I’m excited to pursue sports after High School.”

As try-outs and two-a-days are on the horizon for the North Salem Volleyball team, Rupp hopes that her journey through North has left a message about siblings on not everything is as they seem.

“When I graduate, I want to leave knowing that I inspired teachers and that they won’t judge other students and comparing them to their siblings because they may just turn out to be the exact opposite.”

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