SHS Football Hosting Youth Camp

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.— On the practice fields at Stayton High School, the High School Football Eagles enter their second day of their Youth Camp, teaching some techniques to the upcoming and possible future Stayton Eagles who were on the field that Tuesday evening.

Head Coach Andy Campbell knows that it adds a sense of pride for his team as they give back to the community as they personally take charge with the kids with some one-on-one coaching to go along with the overall coaching and learning experience.

You can talk about it, there’s very few drills that you run that you teach it, but when you can get opportunities and learning experiences like this,” said Campbell on the importance of establishing that pride.  “We try to have our kids lead most of the drills as you saw, that’s where pride comes in. and that’s the drill where we can start teach that; when you have seniors and juniors interacting with third through sixth graders.

“Especially with our incoming freshman, they were here last year as eighth graders.  To be able to give back to that and they were pretty stoked to have that opportunity.  To being able to have kids give back and put into that community man that stuff is aboulstly priceless for us.”

Coach Andy Campbell had his athletes take control and coach the younger kids during this week’s Youth Camp (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

One of those kids, Senior Ryan Beresford, helped out with team stretching and a few catching drills with the Future High School Stars and explains how he enjoys the experience while explaining the difficulties behind teaching things he’s still currently learning himself.

“I love being with these little guys, it’s so much fun,” said Beresford.  “It’s just kind of hard to articulate and show them because I never really had to show them, share how I do things with them and make them understand.”

Campbell mentioned that it helps holds their players accountable as they teach these players how to teach the right way to coach these young athletes.

“They’re held accountable to these young guys,” said Campbell.  “The other good thing is too, when we say ‘It’s your show, you have to run it.  You’ve ran this drill before’ and you really find out what you said as a coach stuck with them because now when they start to teach it, they’re bringing out these key points .  It’s awesome watching them grow (and) mature.”

The approach to the camp, described Campbell, is like a piecing together a puzzle and very similar to what they do at practice at the high school level and introducing to the kids what they do at Stayton with how they practice and play.

You start with small pieces, similar to the individual pieces for a puzzle; then you bring them together a medium piece before piecing those together for one big final picture at the end of practice.

Coach Jed Leeper (hand raised) and the other Stayton FB coaches lend a helping hand in guiding everyone in what to day (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“That’s how we like to progress on our camp today, just kind of building, building, building and then bring everything together and see what it looks like,” said Campbell.

As camp roared on, the third through sixth graders continue to take and learn what their coaches are telling them; the kids will look to continue to this momentum into their seasons as the seventh and eighth graders take over for them tomorrow and Thursday evenings at Stayton High School.

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