North Salem Baseball Summer Season Comes To End In Corvallis

By Jeremy McDonald

CORVALLIS, Ore.– As baseball teams turn to Summer Baseball after Spring, it provides lessons as teams look to build for the future.

“It’s really important, it brings our whole group together and we’ll be alright,” said Jake Mason.  “Most of these guys will be Varsity guys next year and we’ll be all together already, it’ll help the bond, we’re like brothers.

“We grew together as a family this summer and I think if we work out hard, we’ll be one of the top team’s of our league.”

As the game began, both sides defenses held the others offenses to next to no offenses as the score held at 0-all through the games first 10 combined outs.

Cameron Kallhoff came in for relief for Starting Pitcher Will Tsukamaki in Saturday’s Finale against Crescent Valley (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Despite eight unanswered runs, the Vikings continued to battle as Cameron Kallhoff struck out the first batter of the Top of the fifth inning and North kept battling though the scoreboard didn’t reflect how they played.

“We just kept putting good swings at the ball, we never got down,” said Mason.  “I thought we did good.”

Although they’re season came to an end, 10-0 to Crescent Valley, that loss to the Raiders will help fire these boys up as they look to their offseason training to help propel them to continuing to grow stronger physically and together as a team.

“(Just) getting stronger, bigger and faster because we’re one of the younger teams going into next season,”  said Sean Alvarado.  “Just to match up with those guys, as I said before, we have to get stronger and bond a little more.  But this season really brought us together to get us ready for next season.”

Alvarado also adds that the Summer allows this bonding with each other to happen as they continue to mature as a team moving forward.

“it just gets us to get to know each other better, just to get us on the same page to get ready for next season,” he said. “We’ll keep working out and getting stronger and I’ll think we’ll match up pretty well.”

As Alvarado, Mason and the rest of the Vikings loaded up on the bus to head back home in Salem, the foundation has been laid for what is expecting to be a fun and interesting offseason and 2017 Spring season ahead.

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