Coming out Firing At All Cylinders

By Jeremy McDonald
ALBANY, Ore.– The hunt to shock the Greater Valley Conference and the State of Oregon continues Wednesday for the McKay Football Squad as they made the journey to South Albany High School for the next to last seven-on-seven of the season.

Strong defense that included suffocating pressure and a pick by Shanton Daniels versus McNary started the session

“This is a preview of what we’re going to do in the regular season,” said Daniels.  “Make sure that we’re nothing to mess with.

“If we keep coming out with the energy we have, we’ll do pretty good today.”

The McKay defense was clicking against South Albany and McKay.  Creating Turnovers and Broke Up passes (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

They were cheering for each other when they scored offensively against the second team that the Celtics brought, that hunger is there to prove that they aren’t going down without a fight come September.

“Offense is looking pretty soild, we’re making plays that should be made,” said Jovi Davis, who spilt reps at QB with Noah Tavera Wednesday.  “We had a couple drops here and there but we’re going to fix it here, now and really go down the field and score.

For Head Coach Josh Riddell, he’s enjoying how he’s team came out to play Wednesday after last week’s slow start.

“I mean we’re competing right now, that’s what I love to see,” he said.  “Right now, we’re flying around on defense trying to make some plays and we’re tremendously better from the first week to the second week.”

Jovi Davis (Backwards hat) and Noah Tavera helped set the pace for the McKay offense at the Quarterback position (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Their defense picked up two interceptions against McNary as they open the first two plays against South Albany with two interceptions against the Rebels as both sides of the ball were clicking at all cylinders away from home.

With one more seven-on session left before two-a-days two weeks from now, the Royals Scots know that it’s important to try to build some momentum now so they can carry it into those practices and into the season at the end of next month.

“Finishing strong with all of what we’re doing, with all of our training, you really want to finish off really strong so you can be in the best shape possible for the upcoming season,” described Manny Miranda on finishing off the summer training strong.

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