The Dog Days of Summer

By Jeremy McDonald

WOODBURN, Ore.–  With summer droning on like a raft going down the Willamette River, the Stayton Football team are staying competitive despite how slow the summer is going.

For the second Tuesday in a row, the Eagles flew into Woodburn from their nest at home for some 7-on-7 competition at the home of the Bulldogs as they try to tune up for the season ahead.

“It’s really important,” said Ryan Beresford.  “It keeps everyone in tune, get time to practice offense and defense,” “You can’t find that anywhere else.”

The excitement is there for the season that is on the horizon, and this competition at 7-on7 is a extra bonus with teams playing upwards of four games against different competition from a variety of levels during one of these session.

“It’s awesome, coming out here competing every day, it just gets us better for the season,” said Brayden Neuharth.  “It’s awesome playing all these different teams, some teams we haven’t played (like) Regis, our next door neighbor we never get to play, but it’s great.”

Going on in front of Neuharth was the number two team from Stayton who’s going up against the varsity lineup from Regis.  And as Jerry Daniels and his defense turned a Regis pass into a turnover, the reasoning behind two teams is easy:

Jerry Daniels (25, glasses) and defensive company disrupting Regis play en route to an interception (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Reps, Reps, Reps.

“We got a lot of guys flying around, running what we do offensively and defensively,” said Eagle Head Coach Andy Campbell.  “We got a lot more coaches, coaching around.  Which is great for them, we get run throughs as we go through it.

“Right now our kids know that, ‘If I work, I got an opportunity to go out and compete’ and that’s the biggest thing we could have.”

During these Dog Days of the summer, it is important to have these seven-on-seven competitions to break up the monotony of training.

Whether it’s switching up workouts or whatever, but 7-on-7’s adds to the competition factor.

“But these 7-on-7’s are great for the competition factor,” said Campbell.  “These kids love to compete with two teams out younger kids, older kids, we’re just getting a lot of quality reps.  That’s huge for us building this program.

As 7-on-7 winds down, the intensity of Stayton continues; and as they do that, other teams are taking notes of what they are doing.

“We’re going to be physical, we’re going to be aggressive and we’ve got great competition out here,” said Campbell.  “Great teams, we got a lot of complements from other programs, so we’re feel like we’re heading in the right direction and the kids are having fun.”

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