Heat Learning From The Experiences

By Jeremy McDonald


LAKE OSWEGO, Ore.–  Even the best of baseball teams go through these types of funks, these types of streak of adversity.  It’s baseball, it happens, it’s a game of chance.

It’s all about taking the positive of it and riding the ship through the adversity of what is given to you and battle through it.

For Perth Heat players like Nick Mason, he knows that baseball is a game of chance and that they’re still learning.  Great players, legendary players, they all play the same.  It’s still the same game of ball.

“We’re just kids, we’re still learning the game, we win the same, we lose the same,” said Mason.  “It’s a lot like North Salem.  We started off really rough, still getting to know each other.  Still getting used to the ground, knowing how it plays, knowing how everyone down here plays.

“(It’s the) same game of baseball, same distance, same intensity.  So if we win the same, we’ll lose the same as well, but we just have to hang tough for now and we’re doing pretty well right now.”

Though they lost 14-4 in Game Two of the Firecracker Tournament to a talented Columbia River squad, the team fought hard.  Blocking balls in the dirt, setting themselves up in favorable positions offensively to score.

And though the result may not 100-percent reflect all of that, the Heat battled through everything Columbia River threw their ways Friday afternoon.

Perth Heat kept battling no matter the score Friday Afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“On the base path we were able to take advantage of things like balls in the dirt,” said Starting Pitcher Grant Svikulis.  “We had a lot of energy on the base-paths as well.  Everyone’s ok to take the extra base, which is what we need to play better baseball.  So I thought we did pretty well there.”

As the tournament rolls on, the Heat will play Madison in Day three of the 22nd-Annual Firecracker Tournament to close out Pool Play with bracket play starting on Sunday.  But the Perth will continue to focus on the positives at hand.

“But I like some of the energy some of the guys put out,” said Mason.  “Myself for instance, when I’m not throwing, I’m trying to give as much energy as I can and I think that’s one thing I think we’ve got to do a lot more is to give a lot more energy and keep making sure everyone stays up and ready to go for the next play not matter what happens.

“Whether it’s been a grand slam or whether it’s been a punchout, we got to keep going.”

Svikulis second to the Pitcher-Only’s comment about giving all his energy for them out on the field.  Svikulis is a pitcher, plays out on the field and hits.

“We just need to focus on the positives, we’re learning from our errors and mistakes as we go, which is always good,” said Svikulis.  “We’re getting better and better each day as well.  We just need to stay positive and play better as well.

“Everyone’s positive, guys like Nick and Josh Duncan, everyone’s getting a lot of energy out of their plays and we’re going to be good, we’re going to be fine.”

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