Pacers Win Opener, Heat Confident For Friday

By Jeremy McDonald

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore.—Host Lakeridge opened the 22nd-annual Firecracker Tournament with a nice little pitchers dual with McNary of Salem Thursday evening.

Both pitchers held the other team’s offense to two hits, but it was the Pacers who picked up the run to open up tournament play behind their strong defense and the arm of Tommy Andrew.

“Tommy’s is a work horse,” said Head Coach Marco Tavera.  “He didn’t get to pitch much during the season for us.  He’s a guy we’re looking at to go and pitch for us next year.  He has control of two, three pitches and to be able to get groundballs and we made plays behind him.

“We had a freshman at first base who had some big picks that helped us out.  We had some infielders make some plays.  We got a freshman in right field throwing guys out at first base, I mean it saved us. It saves pitches and it saves arms and it gives us a chance.”

But, for today, it was all about Mr. Tommy Andrew.

The soon-to-be-senior was commanding on the bump, besides allowing just two hits, Andrew struck out seven in his complete game effort.

Like any successful pitcher, he thanks his defense behind him.

“Honestly, I can’t thank my defense enough on that one,” said Andrew.  “(McNary) put a lot of balls into play, they’re a great team, they play great defense they held us to one run.  Heads up to their pitcher, he pitched well.

“In my opinion, I was trying to throw strikes, I trust my defense behind me, that’s really about it.”

For Tavera, he knows his offense is capable of so much more than the two hits they got, but admits that it’s a learning experience for his boys.

“Honestly I didn’t like how we swung, we didn’t have a very good approach,” “I know it’s a wood bat, we had two or three hits.  We got to be more productive than that.

“Tomorrow we got to come out swinging better than we did today.  But it’s a learning with the guys with the wood bat going into this game, it’s a learning experience for them, so it’s huge.”

Perth Lost Tournament Opener, Confident Moving Into Day 2 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

PERTH HEAT DROPS  TOURNAMENT OPENER-It wasn’t the situation that Perth was looking for to start off the Firecracker Tournament.

The Heat cut the Volks 2-0 to 2-1 entering the second thanks to John Day capitalizing on an error during the bottom of the first.

But Perth couldn’t duplicate their success in the DeMarini Wood Bat Tournament as Volkswagen scored in bunches during the seven inning game.

Though the loss, this fires up the Perth Heat as they enter Day Two of the Tournament.  They’ve faced this kind of uphill adversity before last weekend en route to their Championship in Salem.

John Day (79) trying to take second during Wednesday’s Game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It obviously gets us pretty fired up,” said Jacob.  “We know we’re doing wrong and little things weren’t there.  We just won the tournament in the last one we were at, so at best we still can get to our best baseball.  We know where’s it’s at, we just got to be there.”

That adversity from the DeMarini Tournament isn’t quiet the same as the situation they’re in now, but they’re familiar with fighting back.

“After Salem we know we can comeback after losing the first couple of games,” said Sean Fekete. “Hopefully we don’t lose tomorrow’s game but we know we can comeback from losing tough to winning strong.

Some of the other Scores From Day 1:
Columbia River 12. Madison 1.
Westview 12, Ridgefield 6
Jesuit 15, Skyview 5
Lincoln 5, Sandy 4
West Linn 10, Union 1

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