North Salem Boys Basketball Finished Summer Strong, Dodgers Win

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  ‘Let’s Go! Let’s Go!’  Echoed in the Main Gym at North Salem High School Wednesday evening.

Pushing tempo, rebounding, shooting, the Viking Boys looked strong out of the gate against Slivertion.  Alex Vasquez and company looked like a completely polar opposite squad of 2015’s zone-based team.

By halftime, it was 18-13 North Salem, and under first year head coach Cameron McCormick, you heard him from the sidelines getting his team to push this tempo offensively and set up in their full-court defense.

This type of play looks a lot like a lot of teams in the Greater Valley Conference.  The Sprauge’s, McKay’s and South Salem to name a few.  McCormick said that the full court defense came easy for his squad.

As the Foxes got tired in the second half and got frustrated, Vasquez capitalized on a three-for-three opportunity to increase their lead to eight, 31-22

“We still have a lot of gaps to fill,” said Vasquez.  “But we’re coming together, we’re working hard.”

Through that, when the final horn sounded and to the cheers of their home crowd, North Salem walked off the court two-for-two on the night, having defeated Dallas earlier in the evening; and as they gave a group three claps to those who starred in the game, the future is bring for the Boys in Red and Black entering November.


The Withnell Dodgers won a 13-11 offensive slugfest that saw scoring in seven of the nine league innings.

Down 7-3 entering the top of the fifth inning to the Willamette Valley Titans, the Dodgers scored six runs to regain a brief lead before the Titans took it again in the bottom of the sixth before Withnell took the lead for good in the eighth inning.

Dalton Garza led the Dodgers in innings pitch (4), while Tanner Sorenson had a team-high four strikeouts in the victory.

Aaron Zavaila and Max Long both had team highs in hits with four but Zavaila led the win with RBIs at four of Withnell’s 13 runs as the Dodgers improve to 15-6 on the season.

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