A Learning Experience

By Jeremy McDonald


STAYTON, Ore.– South Salem revealed a few things that Stayton can improve on moving forward.

“We need to work really hard and play defense, really hard defense (and) trying to win balls from that,” said Courage Minten.  “Moving forward we need to work hard and go after every ball.”

Defense was a weak point against the Saxons, allowing five goals in the loss despite a great effort by Jose Navarro trying to slow the South offensive attack.

Offensively, Freddie Navarro, Alex Cramer and Minten to name a few had opportunity to keep up and try to match the three goals the Saxons scored in the first half; but struggled to finish the opportunities they had.

“It kind of gives us a reality check,” said Alex Cramer on the game.  “We struggled defensively, communicating and what not and that showed tonight.  We didn’t finish what we were given, with the opportunities we had.

“We had one-be-one’s that we could’ve made and we didn’t covert and play up to our caliber that we should have.

Though a slow start in the first half, in the second half the Eagles battled as Freddie Navarro connected on two goals in the frame in a virtual 2-2 tie in the final 40 minutes of the game.

Something that Cramer pointed out was the issue for the squad last season en route to the State Title Game, but he knows that it’s just part of the journey as the fall season starts here in a few weeks.

They’ll have an opportunity to turn this learning experience into a great one Thursday when they host McKay at Stayton High School at 6p,

“It’s going to be a long series of small adjustments over the course of the season and over our off season and trying to get into gear again,” said Cramer.  “Most of us will forget it anyway.

“I mean it’s a nice little learning experience and all and it’s disappointing when we lose but it’s good for us too, we’ll come out and play.  It won’t change us negatively.”




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