Josh Riddell Era Starts Wednesday Morning For McKay

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The Josh Riddell era at McKay High School begins Wednesday morning with a team meeting and a light lifting session.

During halftime of a Palmer-McMinnville Summer Basketball game, Riddell, taking a breather from reff-ing the game, talked about how excited he is for the start of summer ball.

“I’m real excited,” said Riddell. “I had the chance to talk it over with the coaches, we got a game plan going in tomorrow where we’re going have some enthusiasm and just get after it.  Get a little workout in, introduce myself to the kids.

“I’m excited, I’m real excited.”

Ryan Bangs, one of the returners from last year’s squad, is excited to what is in store this season.

“I like him, he’s cool,” he said about his new Head Coach.

As to the system he runs, Bangs said he’s heard a few things or two and Riddell said that he’s still going over everything right now with the coaching staff.

“Right now we’re in the early stages of that, still going over a lot of offensive and defensive philosophy.  Things like that,” said Riddell.  “But offensively, we’re definetly going to spread it out a little bit more than it has in the past.

“Use multiple receiver sets, one back, two back.  Sometimes getting it in with the tight end but multiple sets and run basic run/pass concepts out of those sets.”

Being a positive individual during his playing days at McKay and at the next level, Riddell is going to carry that over to the kids and with his coaching staff.

“I want the kids to come out here, at least give it a try right now and then determine if you don’t want to get out there and determine after that,” he said.”

With connections in the area, with the coaches at West Salem, Sprague and his father Duane at Perrydale, Riddell knows he’ll look to them as he makes the transition to head coach.

“Anytime I have questions, I have some good guys to go talk to, so I have the resources,” said Riddell.  “I’m going to have a lot of questions this year, I’m going to have a lot of questions about coaching and they’re going to advise me in the right direction.”

The Journey of the Royal Scots starts here Wednesday morning, the Era of Josh Riddell has began and this leaves one question to be answered:

Could 2016 be the Year of The Royal Scots?


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