North Wins In Walk-Off Fashion

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Wednesday evening featured an eventful game at Schaefer Stadium for both North Salem and Dallas baseball that featured a walk-off for the Vikings.

Though Sean Alvarado, Luna Reyes and Cameron Kallhoff all help get North Salem to set up the game-winning hit, but it wasn’t a household name for those outside of the North Salem Viking circle.

Sean Alvarado’s younger brother, Danny, a seventh-grader playing with the team this summer, drove in the winning run versus the Dragons for the 7-6 victory.

“I just knew I had to put the ball into play and I knew a base hit would get the job done,” said Danny Alvarado.  “And that’s all I was looking for, I was looking for a pitch I could drive.  A pitch I knew I would be able to drive and get a base hit so I could help out the team.”

That hit described Danny Alvarado, once he made contact; he knew it was a good hit.  For Brother Sean, it’s what he hoped he helped teach his brother.

“I always knew that he’ll do good things and he got a pitch that was very hittable for him,” said Sean Alvarado.  “He works very hard and he really deserves that.”

Kallhoff (Pictured) helped carry the momentum Sean Alvarado started in Monday’s win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Leading up to that hit, North wheeled off five straight runs following a relatively slow start.  If you can call it a slow start as Sean Alvarado had three strikeouts after the first inning as a minor hiccup here and there allowed Dallas to build a 3-0 lead.

“It was really good that we got that 5-3 lead because I think we’ve been getting better on the defensive end,” “Our middle infielders are getting better and all around I think it was a good opportunity for us to improve our defense.”

At 5-3, things were riding perfectly for the Viks, but the Dragons found some momentum to take a 6-5 lead entering the sixth inning.

Kallhoff came in for relief for Sean Alvarado in the top half of the sixth and gave his offense a chance to tie it thanks to strong pitching and strong defense behind him.

“It’s a big confidence builder when you put up a zero on the defensive end and it helps the offense to start going as well,” said Kallhoff. “Just being able to keep them at six was a good thing and I thought it was good for our offense.”

Sean Alvarado singled in the bottom of the sixth, stole second and Reyes drove him in to knot things at six, the defense of North stood strong to help set up Danny’s big hit.

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