North going through the Gauntlet in Summer Ball

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– North Salem went through a gantlet of sorts this week.

After starting with a win versus Dayton Monday, they battled for a win versus Sprague and lost a tough one to a always competitive West Salem team Wednesday entering Thursday’s week ending game versus Crescent Valley.

Though some minor hiccups defensively, whether hits or errors, that allowed runs to score; the Vikings defense played strong through the first three innings of the game.

Offensively, North pieced together a nice third inning with three hits and a Raider error, but only could muster a run.

But the bats kept swinging for at pitches for the Viks despite not as they cut a once 5-0 deficit to 5-2 by the sixth inning.

Will Tsukamaki (3) trying to throw out a CV runner at 1st base (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Though the final score was 10-3, North knows that these games against tough competition like the Olympians, the Titans and Crescent Valley will make them better; but they need to work on smoothing out the edges to help make themselves better.

“I think tough competition is going to make us better as a whole,” said Sean Alavardo. “But it’s a hard game when you make four errors and it’s hard for us to come back from that.  Easy plays we should have and just routine stuff that we need to work on.”

“I think it was us before the game focusing in, timing, making sure if we were set making adjustments to the pitcher.  He wasn’t throwing the hardest we’ve seen, so I say move up in the box, making adjustments to the other guys pitching.”

The Viks will have a few days off before hosting Dallas at home at 6pm and Alavardo knows that to get back on track is to keep the same schedule that they had during the school year into the summer time.

“I’ll say not to stay up too late,” he said.  “Don’t change your schedule that much, school just got out.  You might still wake up around eight.  So not to change your schedule and to have your body weirded out.”

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