Facing The Challenges, Panning Out The Details

By Jeremy McDonald


NEWBERG, Ore.– It was an interesting dynamic this past weekend for the Lady Huskies of North Marion High School.

Though they finished the George Fox University tournament against those in similar school size, in pool play they were against heavy hitters from the 6A in Canby, West Salem and from 5A in Liberty.

Despite their record in pool play saying otherwise, North Marion were in it to win it against a 6A quarterfinal finalist in Canby and a West Salem team that is always battling for a playoff berth in the 6A.

“We were down one to Canby at halftime and tied with West Salem at halftime,” said Huskies Head Coach Trevor Bodine.  “we got off to good starts against higher level of competition, which is good for us because it’s going to make us better.

“Canby made the quarterfinals last year, Terry (Williams) does a good job with West Salem so they’re always loaded with players and have a really good coaching staff so it should give us a lot of confidence and our girls know that we can play at that level.  We just have to get a little more consistent.”


Ally Umbenhower (left) and Lindy Wing (Right) after the inbound pass during their game versus Salem Academy (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

North Marion faced the Indians and the Crusaders in Day Two of the Tournament, and while the Huskies dominated versus Molalla, they couldn’t duplicate that in the consolation final versus Salem Academy in the team’s third meeting in the past two-plus weeks.

Bodine liked the physicality his team had versus the Crusaders, but thought his team wasn’t there mentally.

“Today, physically I thought the effort was there, just mentally we weren’t ready to go for some reason,” said Bodine.  “It’s hard to play a team three times in less than two and a half weeks and expect a close game every time.

“They know what we do, we know what they do and they just executed better than we did today and mentally I thought we weren’t there.  We weren’t prepared to accept that challenge.  So we have to get over that.”

Mental errors Bodine said that they need to work on and know that they’re just as good as Salem Academy considering that the last two meetings had the winner winning by two points in each contest.


Bodine knows that his team is still panning out the details of his new system and knows time and work will help iron out the edges that were present to this point of the summer season.

“Three practices isn’t a lot to do with and get the details down,” he started.  “So we’re probably going to take the week of Kids Camp and drop in a couple more practices and work on the details.

“Everything is brand new, I’m bringing in all new offensive schemes from last year, there’s a big learning curve and the girls are doing well so far, we just got to iron out the details.”

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