Seniors Taking Charge During Spring Ball

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Four days into the Spring Football season, the McKay Royal Scots made the short drive over to Salem Academy for some good old seven-on-seven action.

Through all the ups and downs from the first time out, confidence is high entering the summer and the training that awaits the Green and Gold.

For soon-to-be seniors like Matt Jarding and Manny Miranda, it’s important to leave their mark for the underclassmen as several junior varsity athletes coming up to Jarding and other seniors asking how they should do on particular coverage’s and plays.

“We just need to go out and teach the young kids how to be confident in themselves.  Football is all about confidence,” started Miranda.

Manny Miranda (green shorts w/Ball) running during 7-on-7 drills (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Jarding adds that there’s an sense about being a senior and having that responsibility to leave a mark and Jarding points to how this responsibility could help the change the culture at McKay High School.

“I feel like as seniors we have a responsibility to change the culture at McKay for the future underclassman,” said Jarding.   “What we need to do as leaders is to teach the upcoming juniors, the upcoming sophomores how to be leaders.  That’s something we completely lack here at McKay.

“We’ll have a few good leaders for a few years and the program will be decent and then they’ll all go away because they don’t know how to teach the underclassmen to be leaders as well.”

You could see some confidence brewing amongst the Scots Football squad, though some hiccups in their first seven-on-seven in the young campaign, confidence is showing itself amongst the heat of the spring and thanks to the leadership traits that are slowly beginning to show itself.

Confidence showed itself with McKay like here with when McKay was on Defense (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Though confidence is slowly coming along, McKay knows all-too-well from 2015 what they need to work on moving forward into summer.

“Definitely fundamentals,” started Jarding.  “Last season, our biggest problem was overages.  Tackling which is obviously an essential which we need to work on.  Just overall ball carrying, ball handling, agility; just fundamental stuff.”

With the rest of spring practice and summer training with two-a-days on the horizon, it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of time for these Royal Scots to correct what they need to correct by Week 1 of the season in the fall.

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