McKay Finishes State Strong, Confidence Is High For Future

By Jeremy McDonald

EUGENE,Ore.–  For the Royal Scots of McKay Track and Field, Day Two of the OSAA 6A State Championships had it’s same drive and excitement for them as it did for Day One.

Day one had Andrea Fennimore finishing fifth in the long jump and Israel Garza advancing to the finals of the 100 meters and 200 meters race.

The mentality was the same though, give it their all.

:We all went out there and gave it our all,” said Garza.  “Day Two was hard and exciting, I wasn’t as nervous as last year but that’s because I aged.”

Nerves were there nonetheless, why weren’t there be?  But it was met by excitement.

“It was hard because I was racing against the fastest people in the state,” described Garza.  “And knowing I made finals was so exciting, I wanted to show people how far I have come and what I have accomplished.”

Garza would place in the 100 meters with a dash of 10.94 seconds, good enough for sixth place in the State of Oregon.  He would follow that up with that with a 23.62 eighth-pace performance in the 200 meters.

Garza was also a part of the 4×100 meter team with Zach Hammack, Damien Rios and Avery Miranda that competed Saturday.

The crew of four, despite finishing 11th in the State, the group PR’d with a time of 43.124.

Despite his strong performance in the 100 and 200 meter races, Garza and the 4×100 relay team had the goal to reach State this year.

“This year I definitely improved as far as I know we are improving more and more and we have PR’d in the relay every meet,”  said Garza on the 4×100 meter team.  “I told my coach we are going to State this year.  We are all returning next year and we will be faster.

“We are a young age group and hope to surprise people because we are McKay and we can do big things.  But today definitely was cool and running against the fastest guys in the State was an honor I’m glad I got to go out there and give it my all.”

With the 2016 Track and Field season wrapping up at Hayward Field in Eugene, confidence is high for the future of the McKay Royal Scots moving into the future.

For Andrea Fennimore, who finished fifth in the Long Jump Day One, she’s going to miss the family atmosphere, but knows the future of the program is bright and is proud to have represent McKay during her time in the green, blue and gold.

“I’m definitely going to miss the team and coaches,” Fennimore said.  “Honestly, our team is so much like a family and it so much more fun to compete.  I’ve grown very close to this team, but I’m excited to come back and see how the program has grown!

“I think having Izzy, the 4×1 team and I go to State was a good start to showing the other kids on the team that it’s possible, they have to work towards it.  I’ve been blessed to go to a school like McKay and I want others to feel the same!”



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