North Baseball Gets 3 GVC First Teamers

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.— When the Greater Valley Conference released their All-League Awards, North Salem High School received six of the honors.

Shortstop Noah Boatwright, catcher Cole Hamilton and Pitcher Nick Raska all were unanimous First-Teamers for the Vikings.

Pitcher Cameron Jolly,  infielder Cameron Kallhoff and outfielders Seasn Alvardo and Andrew Nunez all received honorable mention honors.

Boatwright knows that, yeah it’s nice to receive these honors, but they know this road isn’t over yet.

“It just goes to show that people recognize hard work, but other than that team recognition are more fun sometimes,” said Boatwright.  “Like winning some playoff games, but it goes to show that people recognize hard work so it keeps you working hard and realize people notice hard work so.”

Head Coach Chris Lee accord to what his senior said as well.  Recognition is nice, but it’s not the end of the road.

Nick Raska (20), though hitting in this picture, was a key fixture on the mound for Vikings (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s nice recognition for the guys that get it,” said Lee.  “It’s not the end all be –all, but it’s the reward for the hard work they’ve done and move on from there.  No one is going to get a college scholarship or anything because they’re All-League.

“But on the return of that it’s nice that the guys are rewarded for their work and see what they’re doing and think that they are good players.”

Honors or not, Boatwright knows that himself and those who also joined him, sends the younger guys a message:

Hard work pays off.

“Work hard in the summer, come out and work hard in the fall and winter workouts, trying to get stronger, get bigger and work on you,” said Boatwright.  “That’s what the offseason is for and you’ll be alright if you come out and work hard during those two season in the offseason.


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