Dutton Elske Wins TRL Player of Year award

By Jeremy McDonald


LAKE OSWEGO, Ore.–  The award goes to…(drum roll)

Yep, it’s that time of the year.  Award Season.

No, it’s not E! News at the Grammy’s, but it is the Three Rivers League awards as six Lakeridge Pacers were named to the three exclusive teams.

“League honors are awesome.  Kids work their butts off to get recognized and the recognition came through,” said Lakeridge Head Coach Marco Tavera.  “We got three first-teamers, one second teamer and some honorable mentions.”

Coming in at honorable mention, at pitcher, junior Tommy Andrew.  Joining Andrew is senior second baseman, Matt Sporre.

On the second team, junior Outfielder, Kyle Beckley.


Three Pacers were named to the first team, junior third basemen Beau Bryant is one of them.  Jesse Davis, a senior pitcher joins him.

Then, there’s Dutton Elske.

The senior catcher pulled a Stephen Curry and was an unanimous decision for the first team as a catcher, but he couldn’t help to be humble while giving credit when credit is due.

“It’s humbling, it was definitely something that you don’t ever expect I know there’s definitely other guys in the league that are very, very good behind the plate,” said Elske.  “I have to give a little credit to Adley Rutschman of Sherwood who, he’s a hell of a ball player.

“I guess I did ok when I needed to.”

Beau Bryant (16) and Kyle Beckley (13) were name to the First and Second Team’s in the TRL (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But that wasn’t the only thing Elske was named too.

He was named to TRL Athlete of The Year and Elske hopes it sends a message to the younger players as Pacer-alumni Cooper Hummel did for him as a freshman.

“Hopefully it does send a message,” Elske said.  “Because my freshman year, the catcher here, Cooper Hummel was in a similar spot.  He was first team All-League, he was the Three River League Player of the Year.  That’s something I’ve been gunning for a couple of years now.

“Obviously it might be weighted towards seniors but that’s been kind of a goal of mine so hopefully it definitely inspires  a couple of guys who work hard.”

For Tavera, having a Player Of The Year on his team is an honorable time, but he knows his team would pass up those individual honors for the Big One.

The State Championship.

“Having a Player of the Year, I’ve never had one,” said Tavera.  “I’ve coached for 16 years and I’ve never had a Player of The Year, so that’s pretty sweet, pretty special.  At the end though, it’s a matter of what your team can do together.

“I know those guys would turn in their individual honors for a State Title.  They’re pretty much team guys first and then themselves second.”

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